International House of one Pancake

I’m still living in the warm glow of Italy thanks to my brief stint at last week.

I’ve been enjoying a google international of sorts as a result. My stats now resemble the United Colors of Benetton, I’ve been blessed with a steady dose of over 30 foreign visitors a day all arriving from google’s foreign languages portals, which is fantastic. To my shagrin yet amusement, I probably had more new visitors during the entire week where I did not post over Passover, than I did the week preceding it where I posted quite frequently lol..

Say hello to my little friend.. Google International

It did also occur to me that there’s no way sarcasm and humor translate well in these auto translation schemes, my foreign friends must think I’m a total whack!! So to further the understanding (read confusion) between the cultures, as of sundown tonight I am offering as a peace gesture a jumbo sized, large bread product filled pancake to all.

pancakeTo see this confusion in action, let’s translate for any guests directly:

Please accept this celebratory hametz offering from the International House of one Pancake – English

Aceite por favor este hametz celebratory que oferece da casa internacional de um pancake – Portuguese

Vogliate gradire questo hametz celebratory che offre dalla Camera internazionale di un pancake – Italian

Veuillez ce hametz celebratory offrant de la Chambre internationale d’une crepe – French

Nehmen Sie bitte dieses celebratory hametz an, das vom internationalen Haus von einem Pfannkuchen anbietet – German

Acepte por favor este hametz celebratory que ofrece de la casa internacional de una crepe – Spanish

제발 한개의 팬케이크의 êµ­ì œ 집에서 제안하는 이 celebratory hametz을 받아들이십시요 – That would be Korean if I had the characters..

See what I mean?Laughing

Italy on my mind..

I was then in an International spirit going to bash Prodi specifically, the new Italian Prime Minister to be.. For already as his first order of business setting out to wreck the strong alliance between Italy & Israel.

Prodi quickly caught in row over remarks about Hamas
John Hooper in Rome Friday April 14, 2006 The Guardian

Italy’s prime minister-in-waiting, Romano Prodi, yesterday stumbled into his first big row since winning this week’s general election when he was quoted as saying he would try to get the European Union to change its approach to Hamas.
The centre-left leader’s aides rushed to correct what they said was a mis-translation. But by then he had come under fire from his opponents in Italy, and even the accurate version of his remarks prompted criticism from a Jewish representative.

The left wing of Mr Prodi’s broad alliance made big advances in the vote and can block legislation in either chamber of parliament. There was speculation that its influence was already showing up in Mr Prodi’s foreign policy after he was quoted by news agencies as having told the Arab satellite channel, Al-Jazeera: "I shall commit myself at the European level to shape a new position with respect to the new Palestinian government. I am looking with great attention at the signs of an opening being made by Hamas."

A spokesman for the right accused Mr Prodi of complicity in "the worst sort of anti-westernism".

The remarks had been translated into Italian from the Arabic voiceover and what Mr Prodi actually said was: "Now I’ll get to work in an active way in Europe and we shall see the position in future. Beside, there have been openings by Hamas that are very interesting."

Any way you frame his remarks, it doesn’t bode well that another tired old socialist european appeasing rag doll is now leading of one the EU’s great countries. When they start yammering on about the big opportunities they see in Hamas, you know the absolute worst parts of the grotesque political correctness and ineptitude that characterizes these clowns is on the march.

Strong ties to the growing US & Israeli economies? Will appear to take the back seat to the EU unified and bankrupt approach, expect Italian Israeli relations to start out frosty.. The Communists are back in town. Welcome Mr. Prodi, from one pancake to another!