Meme Schmeme

Abbagav has tagged me to answer some questions known as a meme..

Of course being 7 weeks into blogging I had to look this up like a retard because I’m not so current on the lingo, in any case what follows are my answers though I prefer the type of tests where you fill in the circle with an HB pencil.. Man those are fun!


I don’t have a very defined accent, but I’ve been known to stick a Canadian Eh in there from time to time

I drink scotch as a preferred toxin, lighter malts like J&B or CuttySark.

Chore I Hate:
I loathe folding, from the basket into the machine, to the drier is a snap.. I don’t like the folding part, call me basket boy from now on.

I had two piranhas, I fed them live goldfish almost exclusively just like on National Geographic.. Am I a bad person!?

I’m not big on the whole poop on the floor thing and I wash my hands after touching all dogs so canines are fine so long as its yours.

Essential Electronics:
My place is a brain tumour waiting to happen, I have 3 monitors in my home office, 4 computers and I’m typing this on my TV with a wireless keyboard, so basically what electronics are NOT essential is what I’m getting at.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne:
Coolwater, but I frequently request a switch to a lighter scent from any significant others because I find women’s perfume a bit overwhelming..

Gold & Silver:
Other than my silver Star of David I don’t own any jewelry

I’m moving to Israel, that’s the only town I want to call home!

I don’t get very much sleep until the weekend

Job Title:
All those computers should have clued you in

I have not sired any children that I’m aware of at this time

Living Arrangements:
I’m a bachelor and live by myself which means things are generally unarranged around here until it gets too much and I do some arranging.

Most Admired Trait:
They tell me I’m funny, but they’re all liars, you can’t trust them : )

Number of Sexual Partners:
now that I’m thinking about it I feel like a real slut, thanks a lot!

Overnight Hospital Stays:
Hospitals creep me out, I’d rather spend the night outside the green zone in Baghdad.

Cockroaches alarm me, it will take me at least 30 seconds to formulate a plan and gather my wits before I can proceed to strike mode.

I’d much rather be quoted than steal some other guy’s lines..

I want to rebuild the Temple and sacrifice goats like the good old days.

I have an older brother, I’m rather fond of him

Time I Usually Wake Up:
I don’t get much sleep, but I sure do read a lot, does getting up from reading count!?

Unusual Talent:
I can identify jet-fighters in mid flight, and that goes for most of the hardware in the US. former Soviet, and Israeli forces arsenal on sight <– That’s pretty unusual n’est ce pas?
(some might say deranged!)

Vegetable I Refuse To Eat:
Refuse is a big word, but I don’t like mushrooms, zucchini and over ripe tomatoes because of the oodles of schmootz inside

Worst Habit:
I’m a bit of a chauvinist pig

Can I get an X-box instead?

Yummy Foods I Make:
I love to cook, it relaxes me. Staples include a few too many to list.

Zodiac Sign:
I am a Scorpio

phew that was long.. I’d tag others but I’m a newbie and I really don’t know anybody, and certainly no one who will appreciate the gesture a few hours before pesach : )

  • Well done. I hope I didn’t put you in a tough spot as Pesach is rolling in. If you’d wanted to wait until after the chag, I wouldn’t have judged you harshly, but you did fine anyway.

    Good luck with the last minute stuff and have a great seder.

  • thanks Gavriel.. and don’t be silly, tough spot!
    btw I forgot to put a link in to you at the top, I fixed that, pretty rude to do the meme and not link back to the memee. Twas an oversight not a slight ;)

  • DZ

    Accent: I don’t have a very defined accent, but I’ve been known to stick a  Canadian Eh in there from time to time – I beg to differ, you definitely have a regional drawl at least, I’d say somewhere from the west island. On the other hand, no one can identify my valley accent at all.

    Booze: I drink scotch as a preferred toxin, lighter malts like J&B or CuttySark. – Didn’t I see you with Maneschevits last night? DZ

  • DZ

    Yuk, bad formatting; no preview function. DZ

  • heh.. the kosher wine will kill you every time!

    lol WYSIWYG, but knowing the guy with the database access does have perks, I’ll fix it up for you Cool

  • Guzz

    From the older sibling: ah shucks I love you too Bro!!