Israel On Defense: Polling numbers

Channel 1 Politica / news broadcast poll

Following up on the Shaul Mofaz as Defense Minister debate and post, I came across this poll (Tuesday, April 11th) broadcast on Israel Channel 1 News’ Politica show, the details are in Hebrew but I’ll translate.

Polling topic: Do you trust the following as Defense Minister for Israel?

Channel 1 Politica Poll

Trusted: Shaul Mofaz 54% (kadima) ; Avi Dichter 40% (Labor) ; Amir Peretz 17% (Labor)

And the reverse, answering in the negative;
or Not trusted for Defense Minister..

Politica Poll 2

Amir Perets 59% (Labor) ; Shaul Mofaz 23% (Kadima) ; Avi Dichter 19% (Labor)
IBA.ORG.IL / Channel 1

Some pretty ugly looking numbers fo the coalitions to chew on over the Passover holiday break, negotiations set to resume even during Chol-Hamoed, the non high holiday days of Passover. I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one who thinks Peretz is not really cut out for this particular post, 59% is a difficult number to ignore no matter how you spin it..

Commentary from one of the Generals on the panel?
Paraphrasing – No one is out of bounds for the position, but in constructing the Govt and building the positions, sometimes egos are not as important as what benefits the State of Israel the most, and this should not be lost in priorities.. For the benefit of Israel this commentator suggested either Mofaz or Dichter as Defense Minister, according to order. (Eitan Ben Eliyahu, General / Air Force, reserves)

Once the coalitions agree on the Government’s agenda, the messy portfolio or ministry handouts will begin, should be a doosie.

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