Think you’ve been busy? Try running a Terrorist Organization

Daled Amos looks at Hamas and wonders if their schedule of late just might make them implode..

o Cannot get the aid it needs to pay salaries
o There are Palestinians who are willing to kick Hamas out of the government if it cannot get the money needed
o Fatah still controls key areas of the government, such as security
o Fatah wants to oust Hamas
o Hamas cannot stop the firing of missiles from Gaza
o There is some friction between the political and military wings of Hamas
o Hamas lacks experience in government
o Al Qaeda is looking to stir up trouble and is attracting members of Hamas

Good stuff, check it out.. I’d like to add one If I may.
Hamas’ external wing based in Damascus does not necessarily see eye to eye with the challenges Ismail Haniyeh’s govt is facing, for Hamas in Damascus only the armed struggle (destroying Israel) matters, governing in any way is secondary. Haniyeh on the other hand would like to ensure that his power-base remains intact.

When the Viper’s head may be contemplating biting the body itself, you’ve got a recipe for trouble. I don’t think Hamas is one big happy family right now, there’s some panic brewing there in the PA and Daled Amos has rightly sensed it.