Mofaz: Fast, Precise, and Intense

Ynet on the Defense Minister shoring up the troops confidence.

[...] We will continue to work using all means available – fast, precise and intense artillery fire," he said.

Mofaz told soldiers that the Hamas government is taking no action against terror groups, leaving Israel no choice but to use all available means.

"We have to act using deterrence, assassinations, prevention, and disruption of all terror channels, and we will intensify our operations. We need to continue the fight against Hamas in a decisive manner," he said.

"So long as there is no peace on the Israeli side, there will be no peace on the Palestinian side. We will intensify and boost the level of operations against all terror organizations and channels," he added.

Mofaz said he was satisfied with the international community’s support for Israel in its legitimate fight against the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

Good overview of the situation and the IDF responses, worth a read. Chief Halutz stating that the Kassam cells are in crisis and the pressure will continue, while aid and humanitarian goods will flow to support Gaza’s population.