Arab Block drops UN Security Council plea

No support for heavy criticism of Israeli actions in the Council

The Abbas plan to get International condemnation for Israel responding to the daily rocket barrages of Israeli civilians is dead in the water. There’s simply not much support..

Haaretz: "The Arabs are well aware of the feeling among a large part of the Council, which views harshly the absence of a response on the part of Hamas leaders to Qassam attacks on Israel," a senior Western diplomat told Haaretz.

According to the diplomat, consultations Arab representatives held with Security Council member made it clear a majority of members were leaning toward a balanced response to Israeli actions, which would make negative reference to Palestinian Qassam attacks.

The same old games will not work, Hamas must act as a responsible governing entity and shed its terrorist shell. No country would accept 7, 8, 10, 12 rocket attacks a day smashing into its civilian population areas as is the case now.

A military response though difficult because the Terrorists surround themselves with civilians (which is a war crime under international laws) is justified. Even a cursory glance shows that Israel is taking great pains to avoid civilian casualties, and has been doing so all along. This is a stark contrast to the rocket attackers who are specifically targeting civilians for murder, the Security Council is seeking balance.

The Palestinian Authority is responsible for maintaining law and order, combating terror. Failure to do so at every level will not be rewarded in the UN apparently.

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