IDF Southern Arrow pounds Gaza

Iron Fist pounding Gaza terrorists
IDF in high gear, Kassam busting anti terror operations from land, sea & air.

Operation "Southern Arrow" round up

  • Over 12 terrorists killed in weekend air strikes and anti terror operations. (JPOST)
  • 300 Artillery shells per day pounding Gaza in response to Kassams; Over 1000 Shells this week rain steel on Gaza no go zones. (Haaretz)
  • Second Artillery battery being deployed to cover southern Gaza.
  • Naval bombardment this week featured use of sea assets to counter the Kassam threat (YNET)
  • Seam lines closed for Passover holidays in anticipation of the terror threats (12 confirmed, 75 active threats)
  • Police presence as of sunday increasing to protect Israel, Jerusalem, highways and hot spots. (YNET)

Still rockets coming through, but the qualitative effect of these operations will come from the heavy price rocket launching is now exacting on Gaza’s population. Killing the terrorists after their brief launch is difficult in the extreme, however forcing the PA to act to quell the threat and exert pressure because it is unpopular in the populace due to retaliation – seems like a sound strategy to me.

This will take some time, the only alternative is boots on the ground.