Hamas: We are broke

Damn straight you are, there’s no fixing you.. Straight to the trash heap for you my friends.

No money and not enough support.

The Palestinian Authority’s coffers are empty and the new government is struggling to find money to pay tens of thousands of its employees, new Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told his Hamas-led Cabinet at its first meeting Wednesday.

Sucks doesn’t it? Heck of a way to usher in the new cabinet..

Furthermore, said Haniyeh, a pledge of financial aid to the Palestinians made at last week’s Arab Summit is insufficient.

Write your local representative, you are in a "Democracy" after all right? Woops! I forgot, you are the local representative aren’t you? Quite a jam. I’m feeling for you Ismail I really am, feeling pretty good. Throw on a mask and run around shooting into the air, that usually scares the Europeans into forking over cash.. I’d help you out, buy my own subscription to Guns & Ammo is also up for renewal.

Update: Debka adds 2 cents to the mix (the charity continues! lol)

The humanitarian disaster and hunger said to be looming over the Palestinian Gaza Strip are fabrications
April 5, 2006, 6:53 PM (GMT+02:00)

They are designed by Hamas to extort international aid and place Israel under pressure, according to Israeli Lt.Col. Baruch Persky, head of the economic section of the command for Israel-Palestinian coordination

Update 2: Hamas finding alternative revenue sources?

Highly unsubstantiated reports of Hamas turning to American Game Shows as a possible revenue booster.. This violates visa, and terrorism laws in so many ways. Ismail spotted on celebrity password