Montreal: Welcome to the Terror Drome?

Rob Spencer has been busy at Jihad Watch, amongst his coverage he has this up..

Al-Qaeda plotters sought Canadian as pilot, court told
Canadian jihad, eh? From the Globe and Mail, with thanks to Sr. Soph

A Montreal resident was picked by al-Qaeda plotters to be a pilot in a second wave of suicide hijackings to follow the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks because he was a Canadian citizen, a deposition filed at the U.S. trial of terror suspect Zacarias Moussaoui alleges.

Abderraouf Jdey, a Montrealer of Tunisian origin who is now a fugitive, obtained his Canadian citizenship in 1995. He was selected along with Mr. Moussaoui, a French citizen, because they had passports from Western countries, since al-Qaeda planners expected tighter security after Sept. 11, the court document says.

"Al Qaeda wanted the second wave operatives to carry French, Canadian, Malaysian, or Indonesian passports instead of Middle Eastern passports," the document says. [...]

Which goes hand in hand with this from the National Post

Canadian men accused of funding terror
Charges laid by United States
Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Thursday, March 30, 2006

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Justice Department announced yesterday it had laid charges against three Ontario men and two Quebecers for allegedly selling smuggled cigarettes and counterfeit Viagra and giving part of the profits to Hezbollah.

The Windsor and Montreal men are among 19 accused of running a "global racketeering conspiracy" that was allegedly headquartered in Dearborn, Mich., but also operated in Canada, Lebanon, Brazil, Paraguay and China. [...]

Which also reminded me of the captured Montreal Terrorist, Ahmad Ressam and his intents to blow up LAX a few years ago. He was nabbed crossing into the US via Vancouver. I recall being in LA at the time and watched on the LA News in distress as a Canadian, while Montreal Police officers busted into his residence during their investigation to follow up on the US Arrest.

PBS’ Frontline looked at whether:
Canada might be a safe haven for Terrorists.

Of course, there was equally the firebombing of a Montreal Jewish Day School & library by a Palestinian activist which captured Canada’s attention if only briefly, deemed a Terrorist action as well.

Crown wants jail for man in Mtl. firebombing
Updated Sat. Dec. 18 2004 8:39 AM ET Canadian Press

MONTREAL - The 19-year-old who gutted the library of a Jewish school with a firebomb should serve two years in prison for his act of "terrorism," the Crown recommended Friday. [...]

The city of Montreal in my eyes carries many parrallels to the situation brewing in France, with a contingent of radical Muslim immigrants in the general population, that seems to have a compulsive tendency to hatred, and violence. But the biggest parallel to me, being denial that a problem exists. Both within the sphere of the general populace, as well as within the mostly peaceful Muslim community at large.

One of Montreal’s largest Universities had its student govt. literally hijacked a few years ago by radical Palestinian sympathizers, that also made International headlines when they resorted to violence. Camera reviewed a film by journalist Martin Himmel on the radicals and the confrontations.

Further Canada’s intelligence agencies have made it plain they consider Montreal a hotbed of terrorism, a major funding base for Terrorists. CBS News looked at the Canadian phenomenon last July. Of course if you were to ask Montreal’s residents, Officials, or the Governments in charge the response would be pure denial.

Even when it was reported in separate incidents that Terrorists were scoping out Montreal as a possible target, in one case a prominent High Rise building, and in a recent case details on Montreal’s subway system on a laptop captured from anti-terror operations, proof enough for me that shielding or appeasing the threat is not cover in any way, Montreal’s reaction was as usual.. denial.

Police downplay report that Madrid bombings suspect had Montreal info
Last Updated Wed, 23 Nov 2005 19:06:11 EST  CBC News

Montreal police are scrambling to reassure commuters after a Spanish newspaper said a man arrested in the wake of the 2004 Madrid bombings had detailed information about the Quebec city’s subway system.

When the evidence piles up with multiple instances, one begins to wonder at what point does denial and embarrassment become a serious danger, not just to Montreal residents themselves, but to concerned citizens everywhere else with Terrorism’s reach being quite global?

Is Montreal another France, with its head jammed way up its ass about a problem that is politically sensitive yes, but if left unexplored, likely to possibly explode in a whole different way?

That’s what I find myself wondering with yesterday’s Toronto scare, regarding the explosion at a Tim Horton’s that was initially thought to be Suicide Bomb / Terrorism related, explosives have been ruled out, but motive is unknown.

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  • Neil

    Undoubtedly, the terrorist machine has wormed its way into the fabric of the Muslim community here in central Canada.  For example, the other day a young Arab man walked into my Ottawa office with 20 credit cards maxed out.  The total debtload- over a quarter of a million dollars. "Where did all the money go?" I asked.  "Well," he said, "I sent it to Lebanon to help my family."  I suspected his family included an Uncle Nasrallah. That aside, I think this parasite is truly the exception.  I come into contact with far more young men of Persian, Arab, or Azerbaijani persuasion, etc…, who are far more interested in chasing girls and working to make a better life for themselves, than they are with studying the Koran or funding the Jihad.  A little freedom can do that to you. 

  • I don’t doubt the allure of freedom, on the contrary I hope it is strong. It’s not intended as an indictment of canadian Muslims this post, but an attempt to highlight a problem that is little discussed due to political correctness.

    Your credit card charging client might be a good example, Canada is welcoming of many to build a better life, but it is often being abused by international criminals for lack of proper policy, lax security, and copious amounts of political correctness.

    It is nearly impossible to deport hardened criminals from this country. As a citizen one can’t escape a parking ticket here, you’ll be hounded to the end of time for a 30 dollar fine, they will find you. Yet a murderer or a rapist, or an international terror funder can be rubber stamped and let go into the populace 45 minutes after mere arrival in our country claiming he’s a refugee, and be simply released on his own in the deluded hopes he will report to immigration a year later, no investigation, no nothing.

    That’s liberalism gone very wrong. The majority of these people disappear until US intelligence finds them on their radar.. And then we complain about the USA and how they want to tighten up our shared border and how tyranical they are, it’s a joke.

    I find it troubling because when taken as an overview, Montreal becomes one of the most active cities internationally for these sorts activities. The city is in the media constantly with terrorist connections, that means there’s a problem and no one seems to want to talk about it.

    Detained Montreal man admits to weapons training.
    Held at Guantanamo: Left Canada after being ‘pressured’ by authorities:

    Stewart Bell, National Post
    Published: Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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  • I couldn’t agree more with this post. The more I think about it, the more you’ve got to drive the point home. Great stuff!