Amusing: Hamas restores order in Gaza

If you needed some candy cane nonsense this Monday, the Independent is more than glad to oblige with an absurd puff piece.

Smells like desperation

I have no doubt that the deluded left is desperate to prop up Hamas in any way possible, be it their so called moderation, their wild claims of peace (which involves the peaceful strategy of destroying Israel), or the notion that only Hamas can bring calm & order to the frontier that is Gaza, because they are not Terrorists, they are law makers and sheriffs of justice..

You don’t have to wait long! Hamas has RESTORED order to gaza just one week after Ismail haniyeh took office as PA Prime Minister..

Miracle Maker 

WOW, what an amazing achievement! You see, Hamas really is a godsend. Other than the fact that order has not been restored in any way, this is a great article..

Keep those weapons out of sight of the MEDIA for a few hours, and YOU TOO can be a legendary order restorer!
(someone forgot to tell Travolta up there of the big plan)

I’m the first one in line to cheer if some law & order can come to Gaza, however this kind of skin deep journalism does not endear me..

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