Mohamed is the new Ronald Mcdonald!

Hevel Havalim #64 has been inaugurated, thanks to the host!

This is my first go at the Merry go ’round so that’s a good time. It reminds me of the devious and brilliant marketing scheme developed at Mcdonalds, where they build the playgrounds outside to send the children into a wild french fry frenzy of excitement! Other than the fact that this has nothing whatsoever to do with Hevel Havalim (vanity of vanities) we can just pretend I’m very clever and leave it at that..

My thanks to the Soccer Dad for showing me the way, fortunately for me unlike as is the case with most carnival rides, my sunday brunch has remained intact.

Mohamed is Fun! 

Speaking of Happy Meals, Daled Amos freaked me out this morning, with his look at the American school system and religion, contrasting Islam and Judaism. Don’t worry mom & dad, as your kiddies will soon find out: Mohamed is FUN! Being Jewish however means you don’t get to eat, and you are not allowed to drink at the water fountain.

When did being politically correct go so wrong? Mohamed truly is the new Ronald, he’s a cartoon character and apparently a fun diversion for the kiddies too!! Trade in the dozens of different text books over the course of your education, all we need is the Koran from now on and a few public school teachers who’ve been watching way too much Lawrence of Arabia.

Thankfully the Allah pundit has said Amen to the Telegraph’s coverage of Iran, which is something I can agree with wholeheartedly, cause for celebration! I’ve found an Allah I can finally grab a brew with.. Good job dude!