Hamas Foreign Minister, or Mr. Sinister?

I was under the impression the Foreign Minister position is usually reserved for smooth relations, diplomacy and establishing peaceful consensus.. If you’ve been confused about Hamas’ peace stand and the moderates that make up the group, here’s some handy info:

FM Zahar says ‘there’s no room for Israel on this land’

Haaretz Service and The Associated Press

Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar was quoted in a weekend interview to a Chinese news agency defending Hamas’ declared goal of eventually destroying Israel.

Zahar, a prominent Hamas leader sworn into the Palestinian Authority cabinet last week, told the Xinhua news agency that he is certain the goal will be realized, because "there is no place for Israel on this land."

According to the interview, Zahar maintained that Palestinians have no problem with the Jewish religion, only with the Israeli occupation, and said he does not rule out the possibility of Jews, Muslims and Christians living together in one Islamic state. [...]

Thank you Mr. Foreign Sinister, for those inspiring words of peace!

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