Doughnut bomber!? CTV Reports on ‘alleged’ suicide bomber at Tim Hortons

Update: 8:45pm - No Bomb belt bomber, Man walked in with Gas can, and being blamed for center city evacuation due to the explosion

Explosion rocks a Toronto Tim Hortons, kills one
Updated Sun. Apr. 2 2006 6:22 PM ET News Staff

A man is dead and one of Toronto’s busiest downtown intersections is closed after an explosion ripped through a Tim Hortons coffee shop Sunday afternoon.

The blast occurred in the washroom of the coffee shop, located near the intersection of Yonge and Bloor Streets, just after 1 p.m.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and tried to help the victim. He is not an employee of the restaurant and his identity is not known. No other injuries were reported. [...]

What struck me most is this..

Witnesses describe a scene of panic inside the restaurant after the explosion.

"A lot of people screaming and screaming," one young woman said.

"As soon as we heard (the) bang, everybody run away," witness George Ribera said.

All of a sudden this sort of thing is panic inducing, and there’s screaming.. My country has until now been a nation of secluded, ignorant hypocrites. Read the full article for the alleged strapped on explosives, and the possible second incident at another location blocks away. If this was a terror incident and it is too soon to tell, I’m glad no innocents were killed.

Irrespective, maybe Canadians need to wake up a bit to our lack of immunity from hatreds? We’ve been a target for terrorists for a long time and we are TOTALLY unprepared as a Nation.

When there’s bombings elsewhere we comfort ourselves by down playing it and saying it will never happen here, while our security agencies endlessly warn us it will, despite our historic legendary appeasement.