British Boobcasting Corporation: The devil is in the details

The BBC scorns Israel, as usual.

One can rarely go a day and not see the evidence of BBC scorn. They try to be subtle about it but the reality is rather plain jane. Looking at two BBC reports from Israel today, I was not at all surprised to see the scorn in plain sight. As much as they hate Israel, it pales in comparison to the hatred of Settlers.

Bomber strikes Israeli settlement

The bombed-out car burned furiously for about an hour
A Palestinian suicide bomber has killed himself and four Israelis by the Jewish settlement of Kedumim in the West Bank.

Israeli investigators said the bomber had hitched a ride while dressed as an orthodox Jew, before detonating his explosives inside the vehicle. The attack was the first lethal suicide bombing this year and comes two days after the Israeli general election.

Hours later Israeli aircraft carried out strikes on militant targets in the northern Gaza Strip, the military said. No casualties were reported in the attack, which targeted sites allegedly used by Palestinian militants to fire rockets into Israel.

A militant offshoot of the Palestinian Fatah political movement has said it carried out the bomb attack near Kedumim. The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade named the bomber as Ahmed Masharka, from the city of Hebron in the West Bank.

Notice how the BBC devotes 4 lines to the actual murder of the Israelis, before immediately jumping into moral equivalence mode and begins reporting about totally unrelated IDF actions against Kassam rocket launching teams?

Islamic Jihad is being targeted by the IDF for rockets, what does this have to do with the Al Aqsa Martyr who murdered the 4 Israelis? Nothing whatsoever, but the BBC needs to justify the murder of innocents for its rabid anti Israel audience. To the uninformed this is justification, what follows? The header "Natural Response" to solidify the justification.

‘Natural response’

The explosion took place just after nightfall, near a petrol station outside the settlement.
Rescue workers said the three bodies immediately found at the scene were travelling in the car when the bomber detonated his explosives.

A fifth body was found nearby several hours later but remained unidentified. It is unclear if the bomber was travelling alone in the car when his device exploded, or whether he had hitched a ride in the vehicle with three Israelis.

The fifth body remains unidentified according to the BBC at the time of filing, yet what is striking to me is how in this report ALL the victims remain TOTALLY unidentified, faceless, nameless, not a single detail on the Israelis murdered.

Where are the details? Who was murdered here? Two of the victims being an elderly couple survived by 4 children, one was a young woman of 20, the last victim has now been identified as a 16 year old boy? Nowhere to be found, because to name them, to put a face on them is to sympathize with them, only the BOMBER is named and identified, clearly the real crime here is the fact that HE is dead.

Israeli spokesman David Baker blamed the Palestinian Authority for the bombing. "The Palestinians refused to lift a finger to prevent terror attacks against Israelis, and we saw the results tonight."

But Hamas MP Mushir al-Masri said Israel’s policies invited attacks.

"It was a natural response to the Israeli crimes, to the continued Israeli killing, incursions and arrests," he said. "Our Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves."

How does the BBC end their stellar report? By posting the view of Hamas, justifying this murder of innocent Israelis as the ‘natural response’. The Israelis are nameless and faceless, no details given, but the IDF actions against Islamic Jihad, and the justification of Hamas, that’s the real story here for the BBC. A couple of slaughtered Israelis, among them elderly and youth, nothing to see here. In this short article there is not one subtle attempt, but two full examples of how this murder of innocents is justified.

If this is where you get your news, you are being subjected to a conscious effort to distort your reality, you are being fed ignorance.

Murdered in Kedumim in this attack:
Rafi and Helena Halevy.
Reut Feldman, 20 years old and a volunteer for national service.
Shaked Laskar, aged 16 years old.

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