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Haveil Havalim #67

If the Hebrew term Haveil Havalim eludes you, don’t feel too bad because I had never heard of any carnival before a few weeks ago.

You can rest assured that in my short 11 week career so far as a ‘snarky, somewhat radical, zionist maniac blogger’® I’ve never hosted one either, but that’s about to change for the better..

Welcome to the HAVEIL HAVALIM # 67

The Vanity of Vanities, it’s the "Jewish issue blogging greatest hits of the week" so to speak.
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US Dept. of State issues 2005 report on Terrorism

the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The US Department of State is out with the tome of terror. Changes in methodology make it look like Terror exploded this year, but according to the report there were some increases and decreases, but not as dramatic as it seems looking at the raw numbers.

If you’d like video of the briefing (appx 40 mins) C-Span has it in Real format. (2006 C-Span).

Highlighted information from the fancy titled strategic assessment PDF report

Al Qaeda is weaker overall, but terrorists in general have made progress by becoming smaller and more autonomous; have increased their sophistication and use of technology; are now tied into transnational crime. An increase in local acts of terror not tied nec. to global branches; The USA still considers itself in the first phase of a long war on terror.

  • Terrorist safe havens continue to center on international border areas, the report highlights a different kind of safe haven as well, cyberspace. Citing increasing and overwhelming use of the Internet for propaganda, planning, training and execution of terrorism.
  • Highlighted safe haven areas included the following, major spots bold; Africa, Somalia, Indonesia, South Philippines (waters), in Europe smaller local cells, the Caucasus, Afghan Pakistan border, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen. Lebanon was singled out as recognizing terrorists in Government, but making efforts to reach stability. Colombia, Venezuela.

Terrorist activities in the Middle East and North Africa continued to be a primary concern in the global war on terror. Active extremist groups in this region include:

al-Qaida, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hizballah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s militant wing), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the
Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), Ansar al-Islam and its offshoot Ansar al-
Sunna, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s organization, Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-
Rafidayn, a.k.a. al-Qaida of the Jihad Organization in the Land of Two Rivers (a.k.a. al-Qaida
in Iraq).

These terrorist groups continued to affiliate themselves with al-Qaida and/or express
support for its ideology. [...]

Iraq remains a key front in the global war on terror.

The Israel West Bank Section selected pieces reproduced here:
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Iran: Target America

Jihad Watch has the following Worldnet Daily G2 assertion of Iranian assisted Al Qaeda nuclear suitcase bombs in the USA waiting for go time..

Hamid Mir, the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the wake of 9/11, has confirmed that al-Qaida has obtained nuclear suitcase weapons from the Russian black market, that the weapons were tested in Kabul in 2000 and that may have already been forward deployed to the United States.
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Iran: Target Europe (the First Nuke is Free)

New North Korean weapons in Iranian possession allow nuke delivery to Europe in 30 minutes or less, just like Dominos!

On top of the Shihabs, on top of the Ukrainian cruise missiles, the Iranians continue to mock Europe’s appeasers with ever more ranged weapons. You’d think this might spur some fence sitters into action, you don’t have a ballistic missile shield yet do you!? In that case when you see the flash, duck & cover, preferably under a table or behind a door and you WILL be A-OK.

Via Reuters, through haaretz
Iran has missiles that put Europe in range: report

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Iran has received a first shipment of missiles from North Korea that are capable of reaching Europe, Israel’s military intelligence chief was quoted on Thursday as saying.

Known in the West as BM-25s, the Russian-designed missiles have a range of around 1,500 miles, giving them a longer reach than the Iranian-made Shihab-4 missiles which are capable of hitting Israel.

The intelligence chief, Major-General Amos Yadlin, was quoted by Israel’s Haaretz newspaper as saying in a lecture on Wednesday that some BM-25s had arrived in Iran.

The BM-25 was originally manufactured in the Soviet Union, where it was known as the SSN6, a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, Haaretz reported.

After the Russians decommissioned the SSN6, the missiles were sold to North Korea, which adapted them to carry a heavier payload, the newspaper’s military affairs correspondent said.

In February, a German diplomat, citing his country’s intelligence data, confirmed a German newspaper report that said Iran had purchased 18 disassembled BM-25s from North Korea.

Here’s an older report of the original SALE of the missiles, what we are looking at above is the DELIVERY by North K to Iran.

Defense News VIA AFP Germany

Iran has bought 18 BM-25 missiles from North Korea which the Islamic Republic wants to transform to extend their range, the German press reported Dec. 16.

"Iran has bought 18 disassembled BM-25 missiles from North Korea with a range of 2,500 kilometers (1,553 miles)," Bild newspaper said, citing a report from the German secret services. It added that Iran’s ultra conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to have the range of the missiles "extended to 3,500 kilometers".

The newspaper said that until now Iran only had Shehab-3 missiles with a range of 1,300 kilometers.
It further cited the secret service report as warning that "with a longer range, and the probability that (Tehran) would try to equip the missiles with nuclear warheads, there is the risk that Iran could strike at Israel and parts of central Europe."

It added that according to the German intelligence services, Iranian experts were already working on fitting the missiles with nuclear warheads. The report comes amid outrage at remarks by Ahmadinejad calling the Holocaust a "myth", and a warning from Tehran on Friday that it would respond in a "swift and destructive" way if attacked by Israel.

Let’s have a look see at the SSN6 shall we? (or the BM-25 as it is being called now modified)

Originally a submarine launched ballistic missile, proliferation has allowed the old soviet weapon to live on, now able to be modified for sea based launches from surface ships and have multiple stages including multiple warhead capability.

Last october the UK Telegraph featured the missile as well as Russia in helping Iran target ranges which bring Europe in line. Just in case I hit my head this morning and thought that Russia may be a Western ally. North Korea of course bought submarines, and Iran has some too, so on top of the surface launches, these weapons can theoretically be in the future handilly be parked off the coast and threaten just about everyone, including me here in Canada but I digress. The Iranians really want to pump up the range, up to 3500 KM. has a breakdown of the SSN-6

Russian Designation: R-27

The SS-N-6 was an intermediate-range, submarine-launched, liquid propellant ballistic missile. It represented a considerable leap forward in the Soviet Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM), incorporating a second-stage engine, vastly superior range and accuracy, and Multiple Re-entry Vehicles (MRV). It used storable liquid propellants with a pre-launch time of roughly 10 minutes and a missile that could be launched from a submarine with an interval of 8 seconds between launches. It used an inertial guidance system.

There were three major versions of the SS-N-6, with a fourth version designed for attacking ship surveillance radars was cancelled during the design phase. Like all SLBMs, the purpose of the SS-N-6 was to place hidden nuclear missiles within close range of their targets while maintaining secrecy. The SS-N-6 was designed to destroy strategic land targets, but with its relatively limited (but still greatly improved) accuracy it could only really engage cities and other soft targets. The longer range enabled the submarine to strike US targets from well outside the range of anti-submarine defenses, even as far as some Russian territorial waters. It provided an effective pre-emptive and reprisal nuclear force.

Nothing to see here, move along..

The Iranians are only interested in peaceful nuclear energy, all these missiles both developed, purchased etc are REALLY cover for the peaceful nuclear energy pursuits. Europe is NOT a target of Iranian Nuclear ambition, you are all safe, these extended ranges are just for fun, it’s FUN to threaten the World!

This guy’s not MAD after all, he’s ASSMAD!

Assmad - Armaggedon is glory!

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Hezbollah: Terrorist, and proud.

Terror Chief Nasrallah openly discusses funding, supporting and exalting Terror.

There’s a lot of amusement for me when I read about Europe and how they try and walk a fine line regarding Terrorists. They call them militants, insurgents, fighters, dissidents, they’ll call them anything but Terrorists. That is of course until such an insurgent, militant, dissident etc actually blows up some of their citizens, egad.. At that point media, pundits all clamour about to talk about the vile.. Terrorists.

So it is with amusement that I watch Hezbollah, the "political" party with the so called "dissident" wing of armed "insurgents" happily opining about their "militant" actions in the open, and brash support of Palestinian Terrorism.

It walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorist, acts like a terrorist, is classified as terrorist by much of the UN, Canada, the US, Israel, Europe..

Grab a cold beer, "it’s Militant time"

AP via JPOST: Nasrallah admits to funding terror

The leader of Hizbullah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, acknowledged giving militant Palestinian factions financial and political support but denied arming them, in an interview published Thursday.

Nasrallah did not name the groups in an extensive interview with the daily As-Safir, but Hizbullah is known to have close ties to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

"They (the Palestinians) have fighters and expertise. They can produce a missile by logging on to the Internet," Nasrallah said.

"What they need is financial, political and media support. And we do not deny that we help them on those fronts," he said.

What’s this? You can make rockets by logging onto the Internet?
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