Iran on the War Path

Weapon boasting hits new heights.. Literally. (updated below)

The Mullahs are blustering up a storm, in the past week alone Iran has made three separate yet interlinked boasts regarding their military capabilities. No doubt this is part in parcel of the effort to appear somewhat competent in the face of the vastly superior military forces Iran faces, should their illicit Nuclear program degenerate into a full scale conflict involving Allied Air Strikes, either through Nato, the USA, or Israel.

While these boasts are big on talk, and the weapons themselves are one imagines not nearly a match to Western systems.. The full scale drive to weaponization, combined with the endless threats and the murderous ideology which is characterized by a distinct lack of humanity as its main component, need to be taken very seriously.

1 – Missile threat.

The Shahab 3 has new pal, a solid rocket Fajr-3? The Iranians are claiming (Jpost) they have tested radar avoidance and pin point accuracy for their new missiles, including multiple warheads. That’s a lot of claims for an upgraded Shahab-3? Maybe a solid fuelled "Iris" missile Iran has been developing. If that is the situation it is somewhat serious because it means Iran is advancing at breakneck speed with ballistic missiles.

I’m thinking this upgrade is tied into development number two below. If the missile is solid rocket fuelled (as opposed to liquid) it means they are very mobile surface missiles indeed, and fairly self reliant which fits the profile of the Iranian mobile launchers goals. Intelligence showed recently they are moving those shahab-3 missiles around almost daily in anticipation and training.

2 – Smart Weapon threat

By the same token, Iran this week boasted of smart weapons

Iran Focus
Tehran, Iran, Mar. 28 – Iran’s Defence Minister said that Tehran was planning to make use of new "smart weapons" to upgrade the armed forces within the next 12 months, the government-run news agency Fars reported on Monday.

Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar told military commanders in the southern province of Kohkiloueh-va-Bouyerahmad that the Islamic Republic’s armed forces would give a "decisive" and "destructive" blow to any possible aggression by "enemy" forces.

Smart weapon electronics can usually fall into categories, laser guided, electro optic, or GPS guided. They already have some crude optic guided weapons, like Israel’s Popeye missile (I imagine much less potent), but If they are boasting of GPS guided munitions like the American JDAM that is a frightening thought. I’d like to believe these are mere boasts, but perhaps Iran is mastering the laser guided smart bomb, allowing them to proceed on this track is.. With much precision, not smart.

3 – Human Bombs

The last boast is no less vile (Iran Focus), Iran has been boasting endlessly of tens of thousands of martyrs prepared to murder themselves and anyone else around. These aren’t little groups of deranged maniacs, but Govt sanctioned Iranian Guard assisted efforts to recruit human bombs, Men and Women prepared to slaughter at will.

We are sleeping 

All this talk and boasting, combined with the integral concept of Jihad. Leaders who openly wax philosophically of Armageddon and cleansing the world of infidels, talk of wiping countries off maps (that includes not just Israel, but America too) is disturbing to me on every level. The panzying around by so called developed nations tip toeing in the face of these threats reminds me very much of the panzying around before the second World War, Hitler also boasted of terrifying weapons and a new World order, we saw how effective ignoring and appeasing him was..

Should it really be taking months and months to get any form of agreement on these matters? And more alarming, how come billions of so called normal people on the planet, vociferously argue in blissful ignorance and in defense of these Jihadi maniacs. Who’s on the War Path, Bush? Israel!? With France, Germany, the UK, Russia, Italy, Canada.. and many more countries alarmed with Iran, the list of war mongers must be very long.

Updates on Fajr
(can’t they give these things cool names like other countries!?)

I’ve been reading about Iranian missiles my curiosity peaked by the Mullahs. The Fajr-3 class to date is supposedly land based vs naval targets, but that doesn’t make much sense because Iran has apparently previously armed Hezbollah with this missile for use against Israel.. And something called a Fajr-3 apparently was already test fired by Hezbollah (quite badly) at Israel with a supposed max range of 43 KM which makes zero sense in relation to Iran’s recent announcement?

That class of missile is really a rocket, hardly able to reach Israel as Iran has implied, nor would it carry multiple warheads able to hit targets with pinpoint accuracy, nor would it be stealthy and radar avoiding. This Reuters article eludes to a short range anti Naval missile, similar to a cruise missile, while Jpost has a Janes Defence expert who’s talking about MIRV’s, or multiple warhead missiles that are typical of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, similar to the 2000 KM Shahabs.

Will the real Fajr-3 please stand up?

Is it an anti naval cruise missile, a truck mounted short range rocket like the Katyusha, or a mobile, multiple warhead capable ballistic missile as claimed by Iran? (which would be highly alarming.)

The curious thing is that the Jpost article speaks to serious concern by both the US and Israel over the development, pointing to a long range ballistic missile. Either the Iranians are lying through their teeth, or perhaps there’s a naming confusion going on, or the Iranians have developed a whole new class of weapon never seen before by mankind which, well other than Human Bombs is unlikely.

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  • Haroon

    This is a very good article. I like it too much. If these missiles are with Iran then Iran can defeat US and Israel. and one main thing is the Iran has a public support. US may not attack Iran because if it attacks the shias in Iraq doesnt support US backed govt. and US may face defeat both in Iran and Iraq. I wish US will be defeated. Salam alaikum. 

  • Haroon, we have Jerusalem, we have Baghdad, we have Kabul. Soon Tehran will also belong to the Axis of Freedom.

    Bush is Akbar, Salam alaikum.

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