Elections 2006 | Coalition Delusions of Grandeur

Meretz & Labor think they won, or if they keep repeating it to themselves it makes it true.

Survey says: X

I was watching Channel 1 programming from Israel last night, coalition talk. I still maintain Olmert is best served not just using other parties as leverage, but actually going the distance. Labor and Meretz, big players in their own deluded power play are suggesting they should build a coalition of the left and form a Government led by Amir Peretz, all as leverage of course. Good luck!

Meretz MK Haim Oron said Friday that his party will not sit in a coalition with Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu or National Union-NRP.

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is leaning toward bringing Avgidor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu into the coalition instead of Shas. Olmert said Thursday in conversation behind closed doors that despite Lieberman’s opposition to withdraw from the territories, he seems to be a convenient partner, reliable and easier than Eli Yishai of Shas.

Meretz decided at a meeting Thursday to recommend to the president that Peretz form the coalition said Ran Cohen, appointed chairman of the party’s negotiating team. Cohen said Meretz’s condition was that Peretz would not enter a coalition with the three parties.

Meretz basically claims they won’t sit in a Govt composed of nearly everyone, but Mahmoud Abbas himself.. All part of the so called Social revolution the left were talking about BEFORE the election, and that hasn’t actually manifested itself IN the election, yet remains their key strategy AFTER the election. You don’t want to sit quietly, you are spolied treasonous children? Sayanara. 

I have one question.

Where are the votes?..
Meretz didn’t budge, Labor didn’t budge.. The Pensioners got 7 seats, seats that are being largely classified as throw away votes (no disrespect to our elderly intended). I’m still struggling to see where the revolution took place!?

A Haaretz columnist I corresponded with yesterday suggested to me via email that Labor’s 20 votes are an entirely DIFFERENT 20 votes than last time.. HUH!? (I’m not posting the exchange, it was private not a public interview for my blog, but here’s a single line for the concept)

"The labor electorate of 2006 is a very different one from the voters who chose Labor last time"

If that is the case, I am left bemused wondering where did the 20 Labor mandates from last election go if these are all new? Kadima? I don’t think so, neither does the Likud or anyone else grounded in reality. Please, stop selling dreams in the paper & on TV. Israel, those that are near and dear to you beseech some economic reality. I don’t want to move to Russia, but to Ziyon.

Israel TV News beats Survivor any day of the week

The vivacious Ayala Hasson on Channel 1 spoke candidly about Kadima, Labor, and Likud, including talk of Kadima rapprochement with Likud. Also being openly discussed as linked above is Olmert and talk of Israel At Home. Sure it’s all positioning, but if Olmert is savyy he’ll make his own positioning stick, not Meretz’ or Labor’s. Dalia Itzik (now of Kadima) was in the house and she was candid about Olmert intent on building bridges, whatever river they may cross including the Likud and the right.

Labor is going to come crawling to the coalition no matter what, go for it Olmert, squeeze them like a cherry tomato. Finance, nyet, Mofaz & defense nyet, Tzipi’s spot, nyet.. Nyet Nyet.. Lieberman Da! There are more than enough mandates for you to put your Government together. Stop paying for dreams on Israel’s dime is how I feel about it. Beilin, go fly a kite, let Amir organize a strike until the rest of Labor realizes they better get back into the Govt if they want to work.

Ministers & portfolios

My buddy was looking at portfolio breakdowns, out of 25 likely Ministers he had kadima with 10, and labor with 7.. Broken down according to vote percentages, very egalitarian, but I say this isn’t Russia, it’s Israel and Olmert can give them 5 or zero and see where it takes him, I bet quite far. If you want to consolidate? Then it’s not only pensioners and Laborites that have so called claims to compensation, but our friends and equal citizens across the green line, and I’m not talking about Jenin. Better start saving now..

Please, no more dreams, start dealing in realities. If the left and Labor want out of the territories and are buddy buddy with the center to get it, someone should explain to them there’s a high price to be paid. The so called fat wallets the Left are eluding Israel’s government has for them, should be the first prime target. Only a deluded Laborite wants to eat his cake and have it too.

Who’s going to pay the bill for all these delusions?

In the end, nothing is more amusing to me than seeing left wingers trying to play hardball, you know what it usually gets you? A strike out. The right are the guys with the big bats, always have been and always will be. Olmert isn’t biting, if there’s one thing he picked up from Sharon I’d wager it’s baseball and Amir smarten up now because otherwise you don’t stand a chance, no matter how hard you close your eyes and dream*

(* Globe and Mail on the Labor revolution that never was, and the televised speech in Beit Shemesh that amused me to no end)

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