UN: Jews did not poison Gaza

UN refudiates absurd libel cast by the Arab propagandists before, during and after Gaza withdrawal.

The shlock that pours out of the Arab propaganda machine sure makes for ‘fun’ reading, too bad it’s nearly always fictional smearing. Unlike the destruction, pillaging of Jewish worship sites in Gaza by mobs of peace loving free Gazans which was true, the Palestinian claims of poisoned lands, poisoned water and other absurd creations of fiction have now been verified by the UN as bogus.

Ynet has the details
[...]Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and demolition of evacuated buildings there did not cause any significant ecological damage to the area, a report published Thursday by the United Nations Environment Program concluded. The examination of the land was requested by the Palestinian Authority, which suspected the land may be unsafe for use.

A comprehensive environmental study of the land where settlements had been vacated detected no water or land contamination, and thus there are "no environmental constraints to Palestinian settlement in the area," the report said.

Massacres, poisonings, apartheid.. The Palestinians want to pump up their economy? I think they should speak to Stephen King, or Pallywood, there’s big money to be made in fiction.

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