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The left is as usual lacking much in substance, employing the Hot Air tactic.

I’ve been trying to get a handle on the dizzying coalition brow beating going on in Israel, here are some observations.

Hot Air  – The Social Block

Yesterday’s big talk was of a "Social Bloc". Apparently Shas, Labor, Meretz  & the pensioners were well into forming an alliance to strengthen their position towards Kadima and secure social issues in a coalition. This was floated by Labor senior party members.

Reality  – There is no Social Block

Digging a bit deeper I’m seeing this is fabricated nonsense.

Pensioners: Labor lying about forming ‘social bloc’
[...] Sources in Labor said earlier Wednesday that the party had initiated contacts with both the Pensioners and the ultra-Orthodox Shas in an attempt to put together a 40-seat bloc whose key concerns were social issues. But Pensioners party chief Rafi Eitan said Wednesday that Labor had no been in touch with him on the issue, nor had he heard of the initiative. He also expressed doubts that such a move would strengthen the Pensioners’ position.

Party chairman and No. 3 on the party’s list, Moshe Sharoni, fiercely criticized Labor over the matter.
"Shelly Yachimovich is lying," said Sharoni. "There have not been nor will there be contacts with Rafi [Eitan], or with [Pensioners' No. 2] Yaakov Ben-Yizri. They haven’t spoken to any of us. What did Shelly think, that she is running the news on television? They are making things up." – haaretz

Hot Air  – Kadima ready to give up one of the Big Three, Labor / Meretz / Shas / Kadima coalition a given.

This has been played up heavy in the media as well. That block is worth 65 seats, enough to form a majority. It is also the left wing wet dream, one under which they intend to spin / spend like dervishes, and repeal all the economic and social changes Israel has painfully implemented to bolster the Israeli economy and modernize the State. Labor stated they are intent on either the Finance portfolio, the Defense portfolio, or the Foreign Ministry because they are ‘major players’ in the coalition, they really want the Finance portfolio in order to spend spend spend and Peretz labor leader wants a budget veto if he can’t have finance.

Reality  – Olmert: Finance is not on the table, Defense is not on the table, Foreign Ministry is not on the table.

Those three portfolios make up the Kadima big 3 of Olmert, Livni, & Mofaz. While much can be said of the givens being played up in the media, today’s news has talk of Israel at Home considering entering coalition talks, and Olmert is not ruling out any Zionist parties that are willing to work unilaterally.

Sheetrit said Wednesday that it would be possible to form a government without Labor, and did not rule out the possibility of incorporating Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu into the coalition. He noted, however, that right-wing governments oppose Olmert’s plan for unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank, giving them a slim chance of being invited into the government. - Haaretz

That being Meir Sheetrit, a senior Kadima member. As for Lieberman himself, here’s his take on the possibility of entering the coalition.

For all the left spin, Shas, UTJ both the two major religious parties are seemingly on Olmert’s radar, as are the pensioners and talks with Israel at home. That’s 65 mandates without labor or Meretz.

It’s more likely Labor will be in the coalition, but this nonsense that there aren’t options or that things are a given, or further that Kadima must go totaly left of center is just that, nonsense, a lot of hot air. Kadima can just as easily stay closer to the center right. Israel at Home leader Lieberman wants to talk security, and crime, Labor wants to talk running up deficits and Socialism, neither supports unilateral withdrawal at this time, I know which I’d prefer, I’d bet Olmert feels the same way.

Just like here in North America, it seems apparent to me that the Israeli Media has a soft spot agenda, and has been spinning leftward so fast throughout this election the tires are practically smoking. The spin originates in the parties themselves of course, but I’ve seen it carried to great heights by the media when the message is left, left, left right left.

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