Iran clamps down hard on bloggers..

My favorite sailor, the skipper has this gem up today..

Iran Hard-Line Regime Cracks Down on Blogs
Mar 29, 4:19 AM (ET)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – On his last visit to Iran, Canadian-based blogger Hossein Derakhshan was detained and interrogated, then forced to sign a letter of apology for his blog writings before being allowed to leave the country. Compared to others, Derakhshan is lucky. Dozens of Iranian bloggers have faced harassment by the government, been arrested for voicing opposing views, and fled the country in fear of prosecution over the past two years.

Check the full deal over at barking moonbat. Seems you aren’t even allowed to blog about Iran from Canada. Which means considering the stuff I write about that regime made up of backwards morons I’ll likely be beheaded shortly, oh well. It’s been nice knowing you, I hope they let me scoff down a Quarter Pounder or two before they slice my head off, do they have SuperSizes in Tehran!? I usually like the big carton of fries before my execution..

I’d apologize like my Canadian Iranian buddy up there, but seeing as I’m not only a Jew, but a Zionist Jew I doubt the Caliphate will show me much in the way of leniency. I’ll have to convert to Islam like Cat Stevens & John Kerry.