Elections 2006 | Who tossed the Fragmentation Grenade?

Election disaster
the 31st with the tighter / final seat numbers)

I got a few hours sleep last night, but I was beyond restless. Truth is I’m fretting and I know many Israeli and Jewish bloggers are in the same boat for varying reasons. The cause of my concern is the Israeli electorate and the shambles they have put together, no doubt much in part to the self serving animals known as Israeli politicians. The right failed the right, the left failed the left and the center failed the center. The result is the most fragmented mess of nothingness one could ever imagine, where everyone loses.

Who won? Nobody won, least of all Israel.

Kadima: 29 Seats

Olmert, Ariel Sharon you are not. Spin Spin Spin, my washing machine doesn’t turn as fast as these guys. With the Media blowing hot air into Kadima sails endlessly and big talk of 42 mandates, calling yourself the winner in an election where you got 28 mandates is like saying getting a tug job in the White House isn’t sexual activity. If Kadima won, who needs losers? Well the answer is Kadima, and lots of them.

By the time this turkey gets carved every special interest nutjob will be running the country while Olmert kicks back and smokes a few cubans. Don’t worry, he already said grace.. As in one year grace period for Abbas to do nothing, and one year grace period for Hamas to build up the Terrorist arsenal, this in the victory speech yet.

All the talk about a tough stand, all the magic of a Mofaz watching out for Israelis is out the window. His portfolio is probably gone, and Labor is talking of putting the Labor Union magnate Peretz in to defend the country from the Hamas Terrorist Government. I feel safer already for Israel. Maybe IDF chief Halutz can appease the media some more with the soft talk, sounds good. Throw a little downy Hamas’ way, that fabric softener will work wonders.

Kadima Convergence

It’s not disengagement, it’s about consolidating borders and land with a Jewish majority, hey I’m all for it if it will secure a Jewish majority State. The only problem is Olmert, last time I checked this morning a Jewish majority is the one thing you don’t have. What you have is 28 seats and a plan to steer Israel so leftward via coalition, Sharon may pop out of his life threatening coma in sheer disgust.

Olmert was talking about the peace process last night on National Israeli Television, uh dude.. Try not to hit the whisky so hard before going on TV next time, because I’m the one with a blaring hangover thank you very much. We were supposed to have a strong mandate to protect Israel in a pragmatic way, not lick the left’s ass because they won 20 seats. That coalition will be an economic and security disaster.

Labor: 20 seats

The labor party is spinning up a storm, between leader Amir Peretz and his insufferable shrieking and the labor spin masters you’d think they had swept the planet, they were talking REVOLUTION all week long. The reality is somewhat less impressive.

They got 20 seats, which is what they had before, and a few elections ago this number was classified as an unqualified disaster. Now they are calling themselves major players, comforting.. With a roster of players such as these in the government this game will be over shortly. As usual progressive is a synonym for deluded. Mr. Peretz is no Socialist Messiah, I’ll be shocked if he lasts the year as Labor leader. Thus the spin, Labor is trying to inflate themselves like a blowfish in an effort to gain important and numerous coalition portfolios.

The chief argument? Bringing back the welfare state is good for the economy. Sure it is. Other than the fact that France, Germany, the rest of Europe save for the UK have proved that this concept is not only flawed but disastrous. 14% unemployment and more catastrophic debt, yeeha!

Screw the needed high tech economy, screw growth rates, forget tax breaks, all this doesn’t work as evidenced by the USA who have the only economy on earth actually exploding in growth, and near full employment. The Soviet model is much better, no money, strikes, and zero productivity, we can all be subsidized agrarians until the loans run out, woohooo! I have one word for these fools.. BirdFlu.

Please get your heads out of Europe’s ass Israel, Europe’s welfare state is a dismal failure.

Shas: 12

I have a lot of respect for the faithful amongst us in Judeo land. What I don’t respect is how the religious seems to have taken the right wing and decided if you don’t wear tefilim everyday you’re not a right wing Zionist, or if you don’t shower the religious community with endless funds you’re the enemy. Good job, you haven’t completed a bris, but contributed to a full blown castration. I’m adding Shas to my list of splinter groups who have driven the secular Zionists to no man’s land, and contributed to the collapse of the right we are now a witness to.

Israel Our Home: 11

The hard line Russian brothers have contributed to Israeli society, and shot this nowhere party to stardom, so high in fact that their leader is talking about winning the next election. Fantastic! I hate to be the one to break the news, but we needed to win THIS election, not the next one. Seeing as this party really has no viable land platform, maybe now is the time to really make a contribution, by shuttering Meretz out.

It’s not Religious versus Secular, it’s not Russian vs Sabra, it’s not Ashkenaz vs Sephardi.. It’s right vs left. Get with the program, someone translate it into Russian if need be. We needed center + right, instead we’re getting right eating right like cannibals. At least crime will hopefully go down..

Likud: 12

Conceited leader? Da. Responsible for this disaster? Da. Prepared to make the painful moves necessary to fix the mess? Nyet.

My old party led by the nose into a total wasteland by Bibi and his impatience, his lack of respect, and the idiotic notion he could out manoeuvre the world’s greatest General & tactician with breath mints alone, can now survey their kingdom. Drop the bullshit, all these right wing parties with 12, 11, 13.. Stop the pride march. Make something happen, it’s called compromise. You’d think the Likud would have learnt the lesson these past 6 months. If we are handing out portfolios I’d rather Bibi and Silvan Shalom than Peretz and Beilin.. Doesn’t the Likud agree!? Doesn’t Shas? And Israel At Home.. You call these goons leaders? No wonder turn out was a historic low.

The rest of this unruly mess..

National Union/NRP: 9, Pensioners: 7, United Torah Judaism: 6
United Arab List: 3, Meretz: 5, Balad: 3, Hadash: 3.

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