Pull up a CAIR, Michelle’s having a BBQ

Feel like having Kabobs? Wait.. Are you allowed to say that word!? Kabobs?

If you do CAIR, the "so called" moderate lobby group for Extremist Muslims is being put on a stick courtesy of Investor’s Business Daily.

( H/T ) Michelle Malkin has all the coals.. I feel toasty already!

Between Hamas, CAIR, and all the other lovely moderates, I’m starting to wonder what happened to all the extremists!? When do I get to be a moderate?

For now I guess I will just have to settle for being "a pig and a monkey" depending of course, on which moderate Imam you ask. More importantly do you still get 72 virgins if you’re a moderate? Or does the virgin tally drop some..

"Sorry son, you’re too moderate, only 32 Virgins for you, keep this up and you’ll only be allowed to deflower five or six women in paradise." It’s blasphemy I tell you! Blasphemy! More please.