Mossad legend Meir Amit sees Global Jihad as WWIII

 Global Jihad

The revolution,
will not be televised.

Aaron Klein over at Joe Farah’s Worldnet Daily interviewed the former chief super spy and Mossad legend Meir Amit. Amit sees a concerted effort by Islamists to impose Muslim laws and Ideals on the masses..

"We are on the eve of war with the Islamic world, which will wage a war and all kinds of actions and attacks against the Western world. We already noticed the terrorists in the world hit Spain, England, France. I call it World War III. You must look at it from this angle and treat it wider, not as a problem of terrorism here and there," said Amit, speaking during an exclusive interview with WND’s Aaron Klein and ABC Radio’s John Batchelor broadcast on Batchelor’s national program, for which Klein serves as a co-host.

Here’s a link to the audio interview
And the Worldnet article

Where’s Chirac? There’s only one way to counter this threat.. We must sell reactors to everyone and proliferate the nuclear weapons, that way the playing field is equal. I appease, therefore I am

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