IAI betting on Arrow track record, Congressional nods

Kassam defense tender by IAI & Boeing welcomes new partner, Alliant Tech systems

I looked at this potent duo and their plan to build on the Arrow in order to counter the Kassam threat here.

Globes reports the IAI/Boeing duo are taking things a step further and incorporating Arrow engine makers Alliant. This is all wonderful, and certainly positive.. But I’m left wondering one thing as they vie for the Israeli tender. Kassams are small cheap rockets, the Arrow is a massive expensive rocket. Kassams come in volleys often a dozen or so in just a few days, I sincerely hope Boeing & IAI are scaling their new missile way down and seriously dropping its costs, Raytheon / Rafael need to do the same or this new platform will be a miss even if it can knock a short range missile down with ease!

Globes on the new partner addition

Update: Debka scoop on how the Kassam threat may be scaling.. Newer Iranian Missile threats in the hands of PA Terrorists are ramping up the escalation factor. More Advanced Kassam type missiles have already struck at Ashkelon.

Update II: Rocket fired at Ashkelon confirmed as Katyusha, IDF calling it a serious escalation, vows a "quick harsh" response.

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