Elections 2006 | Exit polls show Kadima win, a thin win

Initial exit polls have been released..

Keep in mind these are exit polls, not election results. The polls from seperate channels are different by a few seats.

here’s the avg look
Kadima 29-31
Labor 19-22
Big mover Israel at Home 12-14
Likud 10-12

Until final results are in the picture is not fully clear, just two months ago Fatah won the PA elections in exit polls, and today Hamas has approved their terrorist Government! In any case, these results seem to be a poor showing for Kadima & the Likud.

Ynet, Jpost, Haarets

Update: As stated final results are now coming in..
with 50% of the vote counted, the results so far have kadima lower still, labor on the lower end of the poll threshold as well.
Clearly, the big winners so far are smaller more marginal parties. Shas the sephardic religious party bumped to 13 (strong show) and Israel at home still holding their high 12 from the exit polling. It’s a long shot but I’m really hoping Kadima skips out on the labor coalition, that coalition will be a step backwards unraveling progress made by Ariel Sharon in my eyes. At least Meretz is showing pitifully.

Kadima: 28
Labor: 20
Shas: 13
Likud: 12
Yisrael Beitenu: 12
Gil (pensioners): 8
UTJ: 7
Meretz: 5
Hadash: 3
Ra’am- Ta’al: 3

Source Israel Channel 10 News

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