You can’t keep a good Zionist down

I would gladly rant and rave about ‘the man’, go on and on about the global forces trying to deride all things Zio.. Unfortunately, my blogs down time totalling about 30+ hours this weekend was due to my hosts’ server mechanical failure and no global conspiracies can be claimed. A recent backup was restored and I’ve filled in most of the blanks, I think. This is a little bit crikey as my British friends might say since things were picking up late last week around here with some fresh visitors, but all is fair in blogs and war.

Project your anger..

I’ve been involved with websites for a very long time, I’m rather pleased at how relaxed I’ve been with this downtime, usually I’m cussing in Arabic when this sort of thing happens. Hmm, I guess now my cussing is directed at more constructive issues like railing on Hamas, as opposed to the poor tech working the night-shift on Friday in hostland! Drinking scotch which I do on the weekend also seems to help.

Let that be a lesson to us all, if something is pissing you off, go ahead blame Hamas!!! it feels really gooooood Innocent
*hick* lol