Spael Tzekker

By request, the submit comments areas now have a spell check option. You can find it as the last button in the mini toolbar that loads up.

Other exciting developments coming (exciting.. take this stuff with a grain of salt) include a scrolling news feed for Ynet headlines.

Also, I’m envious of the fancy Homeland Security Terror Alert system with the color coded alert levels. So I’m going to ‘jimmy’ one up, smack it in as a new post category, and then put terror busts, targeted kills, and listed threats under that new category so we know what the threat level is. It will often be quite red making it fairly useless, but good eye candy.

Lastly, I think I have enough posts to start having "Related Posts" listed underneath some of the posts that deal with common topics / themes so you can skip around with ore ease. If you have any suggestions for me on improvements, criticism etc feel free to let it rip.