Screw the Danish infidels, I’m buying Legos.

Buy Danish.. let the infidel in you roar!I’m still reading about this cartoon Jihad. The rage against Denmark, the sorry state of affairs I’ve posted about previously.. This whole notion of leaving the Danes out in the wind like this and fuelling the fires of radical Islamists by burying our heads, it amazes me.


Here come the Zionists..

Forget that a silly Zionist like me should feel obliged to come to the defense of the Danes, that is absurd in itself. These are the cool cats responsible for saving a small part of my Grandparents generation from Nazi atrocity, what do they need me for? These are upstanding people, normally I’d say they have it covered. But bereft of allies in Europe, mocked by Islamic hordes with a pent up manufatured rage, I feel for this country.

They’ve been abandoned by scared little Dhimmies. Overcome and run over by Europe’s obsession with political correctness gone wild! Just my luck, this one doesn’t seem to have any topless socialists in it. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Denmark is almost as bad as us Zionists now.. and all they had to do was draw a few cartoons!

Yes sir!

Drawn, right into Evil infidel land.. Sucked into Mohammed’s Black Hole of Infamy! (Don’t you worry, plenty of room here in the hole.. You’ll be joining us here shortly)

Big Satan, little Satan, and now.. The pastry Satan?

Seems the desert winds change fast in Eurabia, before you know it the sandstorm is on you. I’m following this via M. Malkin’s blog, and this latest UN show of “intellectual force” is almost as outrageous as the never ending votes, slurs and slander swung at an almost dizzying rate Israel’s way!

This time it’s target Denmark.

The attack? In a sanctioned United Nations PR campaign on racism, on the actual “International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination” no less! Who could stoop so low? Only the UN Human Rights commission of course.. That paragon of united rights abuse.. er I mean virtue.

Clearly the ad has obviously been pulled. Lego Corp, those crazy Danes who brought me endless childhood pleasure has taken SERIOUS offense to the manipulation of both Lego, and Denmark in this way. Frankly, with damn good reason.

The UN is a total mockery, we’ve truly approached all new levels of Dhimmitude. Now you can be a delicious little pastry one second, and an infidel the next. If you have a problem with that, you can speak to Mohammed, he’s being handed all the seats on the Security Council. Other than the fact that addressing him is punishable by death, along with questioning him, drawing him, talking about him or otherwise referencing him in any shape manner or form, this seems like a great policy.

From this point on I’m suggesting buying massive amounts of Danish Lego, and then donating it to complete the Security Fence in Israel. We can build the biggest damn Lego security wall the World has ever seen!! Border adjustments? In a snap!

It’s high time to begin expanding the cooperation amongst the infidels, even if it is one Lego at a time.

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