Leftist Zombies poised to take over America

Or, I read it on the Haaretz opinion page.. (same difference)

I like Israel news, I like it a lot. As such I scour as much of it as is humanely possible which takes me to places like Haaretz. Going into Haaretz for a spin is like going into Gaza armed with a water pistol, it’s an unsavory experience.

News, we don’t need no stinkin news..

Once you head passed the headlines, you’re in the Gaza no man’s land of Editorial bliss. It’s a land bereft of beauty, bereft of logic, and smoldering in self disdain. I mention this because I just finished reading two opinion pieces from Haaretz, each one left me wanting to puke.

Akiva Eldar, one of Haaretz’ top left wing shills caught my eye.

Ahh, yes it’s the absurd study done by a Harvard professor and some other crank, featuring the rabid anti Israel thesis!

A wonderful tool for self flagellation, sure to be a hot seller and one impossible to resist for a self flagellator like Akiva. Proof of the cabalistic and disastrous ways in which Jews lobbying for Israel employ the strings of power to do our evil settler like deeds, while manipulating US foreign policy to the never ending detriment of America.

In Eldar’s thesis which does not challenge the study, the US lawmakers who support Israel to their own personal and national detriment because they are lobbied to do so, are waking up.

Smoke and Mirrors

So disregard the record public support for Israel in America folks, disregard the record disdain for a Hamas PA by those same good people. Also, disregard the largely united American lawmakers stance towards Israel, which is one of genuine concern towards Hamas who are Terrorists, that’s all hoooey.

Also, please forget the obvious kinship President Bush feels personally with Israel, “that don’t mean shit” as they say on the Eldar Ranch, what matters is Israel is likely to be starving children in Gaza. Why?

Because the media (likely Haaretz) will inundate us with pictures of such, and the lobbying to the contrary is no longer going to cloud everyone’s eyes, which makes it so. The Neo Cons and the cabal are breaking up in orbit, Aipac is in an Eldar induced panic! It’s not Hamas, it’s Israel stupid. Everyone knows Jews starve children on TV!

They are all lobbied zombies, the truth is Israel is a sin, we must all flog ourselves endlessly. A strong stand against Palestinians is a no no for appeasers. Instead, Eldar is all doom in prognosticating the game is up, and relying on the US as a stalwart ally while pursuing safe policy for Israel is.. “biting the hand that feeds you,” because what America really wants is Israel to concede endlessly to the PA in all things (Hmm, just like Eldar!) and settlers are bad, bad bad, evil people.

I know this, because a harvard professor feeding me every old left wing-islamoholy alliance canard in the wind possible, said it was so, and now all of America is waking up!

That’s right, Israel’s new government may be waking up to a new America!

One that realizes Al Qaeda attacked the US because of Israel;
The US is not winning in Iraq because of Israel;
Iran is developing a nuclear bomb because of Israel;
The World hates America because of Israel;
Israel is dragging the US into the conflict..

Plus, Israel also has evil lobbyists spying on the USA, and these two cold war countries are about to spark into open warfare, it’s all very sinister.

Of course, this study, which is absurd, doesn’t merit Eldar’s time, for being disproved, or challenged. It instead forms the basis for his own doom and gloom scenario, it’s the most critical study on the Israel lobby ever done according to the Haaretz author, and it’s taken at face value with nary a peep, from Israel’s largest english daily (do you see why I love Haaretz so?!)

I won’t disprove the study that may be waking up America according to Eldar personally, instead I’m taking the Jewish Lobby tact, I’m lobbying my way out of this to Eldar’s detriment, and expressing my indignation for Eldar himself.

Er wait, that’s my indignation for Haaretz, for their lack of indignation for Eldar.. Yeah, that’s it!

See? it all works out, just apply some left wing logic to grease it up a bit! Throw in some left wing Israeli style MSM, and mix well. Before you know it all the brain dead zombie lefties will wake up, rise up, and.. Well I can’t remember what happens when the zombies rise up, but I’ll bet you ten bucks the evil Jews will be able to lobby America into attacking them wholesale, I saw a study on it.

Up: Melanie Phillips is also taking this study to task, with a scathing look at academia.. too true.

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