Israel Elections 2006 | Dark Horse Government?

The elections have been boring to my shagrin, some mud slinging, some poll movement, but not much in the way of platforms or policy, everyone seems to be banking on Kadima (the media at least)..

Here’s one guy making some waves, the kind of waves that call for a right wing government not formed of Kadima, but put forward by a unified Likud led right wing. With 20% undecided, there are more than enough votes out there to make the wave a tsunami on election day. Personally, I’d take it over a Kadima / Labor coalition.

Labor mused this week about the Foreign Affairs portfolio, or the Defense portfolio if they got into the coalition.. That kind of crazy talk is¬†more than enough to scare me off a Kadima vote, I’m pretty sure there are 20% out there who might be inclined to agree.. Flirting with Labor is not a great strategy to employ when a chunk of your support is made up from the Likud.