Hashmonean High Five #6

They film it, I caption it.

#5 During his visit to Iran, Hamas Prime Minister designate Ismail Hanyeh stops and poses for Iranian Men’s MARTYR® (فش-ف  ) Magazine; “I wanted my Shahid photos on file in time for the April edition, in case something should ‘happen’ to me..”

Ismail Haniyeh on his 'Be a Moderate' Tour..

#4 Photographer: “Ok Ismail, *SMILE*, Big Smile, *CLICK CLICK* yes.. you’re a moderate, Praise Allah yes.. gooood, give me a ‘Peace Smile!’ Muahahahaha.. ”

#3 Ismail Hanyeh working on his new media moderate image, stopped to wave at reporters during his visit to Hamas’ new School for Young Martyrdom. – “The work we’re doing here.. such as handing out candy as well as hand grenades to these children, is an integral aspect of my new Hamas “Phased Plan to Peace”, I’m excited to be here.. as a moderate.”

#2 *Clenched Teeth* ‘Yes, now you EU fools.. Quickly, while I’m still showing my moderate side‘.

#1You see, All Clean! I have no blood on my hands.. I washed this morning.”

(Photo Credit: AP)
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