Terrorist Government: Hamas on the Eurotrain to hell

Fasten your seat belts, this express is going nowhere fast!

Those crazy kids at Hamas are going it all alone (except for Europe that is.)

After weeks of coalition talks Hamas representatives don’t have any partners in the Palestinian Authority Parliament, but they’re presenting their cabinet list nonetheless.

Coming Soon to the Theatre of the Absurd!

Hamas Prime Minister, Hamas Foreign Minister, Hamas Interior Minister and the Hamas Finance Minister!

If you told me this was an SNL skit I still wouldn’t believe you!

Yahoo News via Reuters:
[...] Two parliamentary blocs informed Hamas on Thursday they would not join the Hamas government.

Several larger factions, including Fatah, were expected to turn Hamas down as well. Abbas had demanded Hamas abide by interim peace deals and meet other conditions.

“We were stunned that some parties tried to drag Hamas to abandon its program in favor of other agendas and to recognize previous agreements that included a clear recognition of the occupation, which we reject,” Abu Zuhri said.

He said Hamas tried to narrow gaps with the other groups to form a broad coalition government. But after a fifth day of negotiations in Gaza, not a single party had agreed to join.

Can you believe this? Some parties wanted Hamas to give up the quest of destroying Israel, this is shocking! Even European sensibilities must be affronted by these sort of demands, we need to fix this somehow, we need to fund a Hamas PA more money.. Just mark the fedex C/O Abbas and we’re good!

Humiliation Nation 

The Palestinians have been beefing about Jericho humiliation all week, and their European cheerleaders are mooning the crowd..

Talk about setting yourselves up for a fall, it’s certainly not going to do wonders for the old self-esteem if Israel crushes the Hamas Govt like a gnat.


The nascent non-state is about to join up officially with the Axis of Evil, apparently no one told them that in regards to this particular slice of territory in Axis land, it’s the IDF and Israel tasked with clean up work.. Not the UK, or the USA. That being a particular memo you don’t want to miss as a minister in the new Hamas Govt!

Enough about the humiliated PA, stop the whinning already. Let’s talk about the Humiliation of Europe, I don’t think I’d take a piss on Europe right now, that’s how highly I think of the Union these days.

European Parliament Jericho reactions: Via Yahoo News
Hat Tip: Soccer Dad

President of the assembly, Josep Borrell
“It was a useless and unfair military operation. How could an operation of this kind, with its humiliating images, reinforce Israel’s security?”

Useless!? I think he’s speaking of the deal his Union signed in regards to Prisoners.. Don’t make me answer your question Josep, the result will certainly be.. more humiliation for you.

“The future of this region has been sacrificed,” said Greens bloc leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit for a “tactical manouevre” motivated by the general elections.

The “future has been sacrificed” by ISRAEL..
After the Palestinians elected HAMAS! (Interesting logic)

Talk about upside down. Yowza, we both know ISRAEL is really too blame for rising CO2 levels *wink* *wink*, but how can we stop them?

“The fact that he (abbas) had to return home early illustrates even more the gravity of this new and deliberately humiliating Israeli escalation in Palestine and its sadly predictable consequences, like the unacceptable abductions,” the parliament’s United Left/Nordic Green Left group said in a statement.

Gunmen abduct Foreigners in Gaza..
The only thing predictable here is the blame ISRAEL part.
My Speak and Spell when I was 3 years old employed more logic than these guys..

*Please, I beseech you, send the Hashmonean the Hashish you’re clearly smoking, I also want to be totally oblivious to reality!!!
(It’s coming from Europe, so send C/O abbas, and we’re all good!)

These are some of the stellar representatives of Europe..

And you want to talk to me about humiliation!? What about ingratiating yourselves endlessly and pumping money into a bottomless pit of terrorist violence? Does that not factor as humiliation to Europeans? Or the belief that Hamas will magically ‘moderate’ because Javier Solana has clicked his heels three times? Do you not find that slightly humiliating if you have half a pea brain and live in Europe? I certainly would.

No wonder that constitution was laughed out by vote. These parliament guys are out of touch with reality. Good luck with the whole ‘self-reflection’ thing guys, it’s certainlly working wonders..

“I’m somewhat stupid, I have no moral compass, and gosh darnit.. People like me!!”
Stuart Smalley on his recent visit to the leftern hemisphere of Europe’s Parliamentarian brain

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