The Bullhorns of Jericho

And the Walls came tumbling down..
Some more imagery from yesterday’s 1000 strong IDF operation to bring Zeevi’s killers to justice, and some of the Media reactions.

Death to America, death to the British

Yesterday’s Riots: featuring chants for Death to America! Death to the British! (Photo: Reuters)

CTV video on Canadian Hostage apologizing for.. apparently being taken hostage:

CTV’s Mid East correspondent is not doing a stellar job so far imho, in this 3 minute clip little of anything is mentioned of the threat by the PA and Hamas in regards to releasing these militants, nor any of the absurd lapses in security. The image portrayed instead is that the British & Americans were responsible for security..
Survey says: X

This UK Telegraph article paints a clearer picture of the prison.

[...] the three monitors headed out of the jail and began the uphill drive from the lowest city on earth to Jerusalem. The Foreign Office later said they were leaving because of fears for their “security” and few doubt that inside Jericho jail the inmates ran the show.

Saadat’s cell was more of an office. He had telephones and television sets. The jail’s Palestinian guards stayed away from his quarters, which included a kitchen and an area to receive guests.

The British monitors stayed even further back. But to Israel, which has long wanted Saadat in its custody, they guaranteed that men it considered terrorist murderers were at least serving their time behind bars, even if those bars were covered by curtains.

When the British left, that guarantee evaporated, particularly as the newly elected Palestinian militant group Hamas had hinted it might free Saadat. So as the monitors moved out, the Israeli army – long ready for its capture or kill mission – moved in. [...]

AbbaGav also has more on Stockholm Syndrome, seems being rounded up because you’re a foreigner and being kidnapped at gun point is fashionable in the Strip..

Grave Crimes
Abbas on the operation via Ynet:
‘IDF siege unforgivable crime’

“We cannot sit back and accept these actions. We are in touch with the United Nations Secretary General (Kofi Annan) and the leaders of Arab countries to see what can be done. The Palestinian fury is justified. The detention of (Ahmed) Saadat and his men in Israeli prison is illegal,” Abbas said.

Sit back down dude, you’re embarrassing yourself.

The Anti-Israel Independent reacts..

Independentas if the World is coming apart, *gasp* the Israelis are taking warranted action, quickly grab the children and hide.. Take a look at this spread, and I thought I was fixated on this conflict.

At least they have some small measure of a grip on reality, here’s one of the stories from the issue:

British relations with Palestinians at breaking point
Ya Think?

This full page spread reminds me of the Jenin “supposed” Massacre type coverage that never panned out..

I’m waiting with baited breath to hear more about the horrible crimes committed here by Israel in apprehending a Terrorist from his comfy home office, er I mean ‘prison’.