Palestinian “Authority” – Oxymoron’s dream

Never ending chaos

Palestinians and their interpretation of law (Photo: Reuters)

17 Foreigners abducted, threatened with Murder.
Yet the leftist sympathizers never seem to learn..

This dog will first and foremostĀ bite the hand that feeds it.

Palestinians fire on UN Vehicle, Red Cross pulling out of Gaza. Palestinians rioting, burning American / British installations, kidnapping and threatening to murder aid workersĀ over the Jericho prison.. Just another day under the Quartet’s so called ‘Palestinian Authority’.

Jenin: Palestinans kidnap US professor
EU monitors flee Rafah border crossing
Foreigners flee Gaza after abductions

Haaretz writes via AP:
[...] In Gaza, gunmen went from room to room in hotels, looking for foreigners. By midafternoon, they had taken a Swiss Red Cross worker, two Australian teachers, two French medical workers and three journalists – one French and two South Korean, Palestinian and foreign officials said. [...]

Soon the Jihad may be combing room to room for you..

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  • Maybe if I fire my machine gun up in the air I can ‘calm the situation down’

    What goes up.. must come down.
    These machine gun rounds don’t go off into space, they fall back down on the Palestinians’ heads.

    This is what you get by arming any old idiot in a kafiyeh with an auto assault rifle.