Jack Straw’ed – UK Telegraph highlights Foreign Minister’s strategy failure

Updated: (March 15th)
Seems Jack was off: In my eyes that confirms my long standing belief he’s a jack-off.

From my ever loving illicit affair with the UK Telegraph:

After five visits to Teheran as Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw has seen his policy of “constructive engagement” turn to ashes. [...]

Yesterday, Mr Straw spoke to the International Institute for Strategic Studies about the way ahead. The council should proceed one step at a time, he said, and its actions should be reversible, in case Teheran repented.

He laid strong emphasis on maintaining consensus and presumed to speak for the Americans when he said that military action was not on their agenda.

The Foreign Secretary’s cautious approach is familiar from previous confrontations with Iraq before the allied invasion, and with Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe. Yet there must be strong doubts about its effectiveness when dealing with a government that, riding confidently on the high price of oil, is a throwback to the days of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Given Russian and Chinese commercial interests, consensus on economic sanctions against Teheran is unlikely. As for military strikes being ruled out, that is not the impression gained from recent speeches by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, and John Bolton, the UN Ambassador. [...]

No matter how many whacks to the head his tip toe strategy takes, it seems there’s no impact on the Straw Man?!

Strategy looking good.. 

He’s not going to be much more credible looking once the bunker busters start blowing the shiite out of Iran’s Nuclear Programs, I’ll tell you that much. But hey.. When you’re the Straw Man it doesn’t really matter much I guess.

I’m starting to employ a new strategy, any time a sentence begins, contains, or ends with this:

constructive multilateral engagement

I’m running for the hills.. It basically means “we’re going to require the use of an aircraft carrier some time soon.”

I think I’m leaning more towards: de-constructive multilateral engagement, best exemplified by Philosopher Bush: ‘We’re going to smoke ‘em outta of their holes’

1 year later nothing accomplished

It’s time for the USA to get back into gear, for a year they let the EU big 3 play multilateral games with Iran. The result is Iran regressing, openly enriching uranium, calling for killing fields, and wiping countries from maps.. The carrots have been eaten, it’s time for the straw men to whip out the sticks.

UPDATE March 15th:
Iran & I agree on something!!
(The Prophet is clearly coming now to redeem the Caliphate)

From Iran Focus

Iran says Britain’s Jack Straw talking “utter nonsense”
Tehran, Iran, Mar. 15 – Iran described on Wednesday recent comments by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw against its nuclear activities as “utter nonsense”, the official state news agency reported. [...]

A bunch of utter nonsense had been prepared and I am sorry that a prominent diplomat mentioned them without first reading them”, Asefi said.

“Apparently, this man’s head has become jammed and he has started to talk gibberish. We should be prepared to hear these kinds of speeches from now on”, he added. [...]

Hmm, even the Iranians aren’t impressed, back to the drawing board Jack.. 

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  • Sid

    Why am I not surprised. Maybe Straw needs to be whacked around like a Mexican pinyata to knock some “constructive multilateral sense” into him.
    The only approach we can use in negotioating with Iran is to help them enrich their uranium with the aid of a Tomahawk cruise missiles. That way we can help them refine their uranium into dust! If Assmad has a problem with that we can always help him renovate his house with another cruise missile.