I fought the Law and the Law won

Israel’s winning strategy on the war on Terror

We Surrender (Photo: AFP) 
We Surrender: Prisoners rounded up by the IDF (Photo: AFP)

There’s a lot of hoopla going on regarding the Israeli siege of the Jericho prison making the headlines. This kind of aggressive Israeli policy is often shunned by many, especially in the anti Israel Media for whom these massive type Israeli victories resulting from ballsy strategy are hard to swallow. This is a big deal, not so much as an isolated incident, but much more so in the not so subtle ramifications.

We’ve gotten a first glimpse at the Rules of Engagement going forward.


Firstly the lack of antagonism between Israel and the International community re: the prison monitors.

From haaretz: State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, who is with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Indonesia, said the U.S. had been in touch with both sides to urge calm. “We want to see this resolved as peacefully as possible,” he said, adding that the monitors were withdrawn out of concern for their safety.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told parliament the Palestinian Authority had “consistently failed” to meet its obligations under that agreement, and the monitors’ safety was at risk.

A number of clear signals

If the PA fails to meet obligations going forward under Abbas or Hamas, Israel may not be expected to continue being constrained by those same agreements. It is important to keep in mind that Jailing Zeevi’s killer and many Palestinian prisoners came as a result of agreements and assurances by the Intl community towards Israel under the Arafat PA and the road map, that the revolving door of so called Palestinian Justice would end. It never did, and the threat to release Zeevi’s murder plotters was clearly the last straw.

Israel subjected to endless breech of the agreement has now simply absolved it, anyone expecting censure is now certainly disappointed. The Abbas era is over, he mused about releasing Zeevi’s killer too.. He got his answer today, in the form of his glaring irrelevance.

Islamic Jihad

- The message sent to Islamic Jihad who recently threatened Israeli leaders. Anyone messing with Israel in this manner will face Israel’s justice, there will be no hiding in Jenin, Ramallah, or Jericho. No Muqata filled with Terrorists shielded by the so called leaders of the PA. Instead, they will find IDF tanks outside their door.

Open season

- Israel will operate in PA territory as it sees fit. Until the Palestinians negotiate with Israel they have little to show for their intransigence. Israel is the final arbitrator in all manners, there’s no equal footing here.

Hamas wants to continue the resistance? They’ll meet the steel tip of the IDF spear. If they perhaps expected broad sympathy.. The Planet may just very well be all out, at the very least the great United States of America is.

Unilateral Ace in the Hole

- Sharon’s unilateral strategy is partially vindicated. He had the vision to see such a strategy actually being implemented, he’s opened pandora’s box in this regard. This action by Israel continues to solidify a new philosophy of Israeli unilateralism precisely at the crucial time that Israel is dangling the whole enchilada unilaterally. Including borders, anti-terror operations, security fence considerations, funding and taxation, you name it..

These bold exercises cement Israel’s strategy, just as Hamas has skilfully sought legitimization for their policies, Israel has now clearly done the same defacto style. This military operation, following the taxation monies freeze by Israel are telling precedents for an expanding array of Israeli unilateralism that is only going to continue expanding. Impressive action that clearly sets the tone for all, this particular Sharon ideal will indeed survive him in a measure of spirit.

Election factor 

- Kadima’s bold message is equally pronounced. I’ve been waiting for Olmert to take some ballsy moves in light of the faltering of himself and his party in the polls lately. The policy he laid out last week was in his own words an Iron Fist. We’ve finally seen a first swing.

Don’t fool around, or the IDF comes to town 

- The uncompromising nature and skill of the IDF, and Israel’s willigness to now employ it liberally is perhaps the one message most likely to hit home with Hamas and the new PA..

Haaretz: [...] An IDF colonel told reporters in Jericho that the main aim was to arrest those at the prison. Using a loudspeaker, the troops called on the militants in the jail to come out and surrender themselves.

“The objective is to arrest them, but there are no negotiations. Either they come out or they will be killed,” the colonel said.

In a bid to pressure those inside into surrendering, IDF troops used machine-gun fire and tank shells on the prison Tuesday afternoon, and used bulldozers to knock down the walls. During the afternoon, dozens of prisoners in their underwear emerged from the prison building, where they were searched and blindfolded by IDF troops. Some of them were taken away for questioning.

No negotiation with Terrorists, Militants whatever you call them, submit to the law, or don’t.

There’s peaceful surrender or death, nothing in between. Hamas has laid out its platform in deed, Israel has laid out its platform in action. It’s my belief that when Israel does so, or plays on its strengths in regards to policy it cannot lose.

“Our prison is surrounded on all sides by Israelis. They are asking us over loudspeaker to come out,” Ahed Abu Ghoulmi, one of the targeted prisoners. “We will not come out under any circumstances.”

We are not going to surrender. We are going to face our destiny with courage,” Sa’adat later told the Arab satellite channel Al-Jazeera.

At the end of the day this courage always seems to falter when faced with the steely iron will of the IDF. So has it been in over 6 wars, now two intifadas, and countless terrorist interventions.

It’s clear to me, that the will on the other hand of the people of the State of Israel has not been broken, this failure on the part of Terrorists most evident in the recent intifada. After today it’s clearer that any 3rd intifada will be a shorter one, the gloves are off and there’s an Iron Fist waiting for anyone willing to enter the ring.

Israel’s strategy to defeat Terror works, there’s no compromise, no dilly dally.

Instead there are targeted killings, there are tanks, and bulldozers. There’s no 5th column undermining resolve, instead there’s by and large a plurality of voices determined to see matters through.

If Israel can stick to the strategy that works, Hamas won’t stand a chance.

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  • Sid

    If you ask me this strategy works way better than the “road map”. I think the quartet should sign off on this one!

  • I’m humbled by the State of Israel today Sid, this is how we do it.. South Central style ;)

    Clearly Mordechai and the boys seem to have this whole Haman thing wrapped up today. My Big Mac trio usually takes longer to prep than this surrender..

    So I’m thinking the Quartet should just sign off period.

  • Excellent analysis.

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