upgrade time

Please excuse the lack of fresh produce, I have to upgrade today.
Update: all done.

WordPress 2.02 is out with some important security fixes, which means I have to set aside some time to in theory screw everything up.. Unlike Windows it’s not a single click affair, the upgrade is more along the lines of reinstalling windows which is a bit sucky.

In any case, things have been quiet over this Purim holiday so it’s a good time to mess things up : )

Update: That went pretty well, in actually it was painless.. In light of this momentous occasion I’m now looking to upgrade more things, so I think I’ll pick up more ram for the laptop, and juice up one of my PCs too. After all, one good upgrade deserves another! This ram upgrade at 26 bucks for my deprived ageing portable is hard to pass up.. Soon I’ll be able to blog directly from the can in comfort, I have no doubt this will assist me immensely in furthering the vast Zionist World Conspiracy.

Truth be told, I’m getting my workhorses ready for their first Windows Vista beta installs (new version of windows coming this fall). What’s up with this Purim, I’m clearly in the mood to break things.