Hashmonean 1 Month tally

Ahh, my first month of Hashmonean loving is almost upon me..
Here’s the dirt.

Real Humans (not counting me of course):
- Just over 700 unique visits to the bastion of insanity (picking up in March and well beyond my hopes, thanks to all, and technorati too)
- Real Human page loads: 1916
- Returning visitor makeup: appx 35%  (thanks guys! I hope there’s a kidney burst or two in there)
- Countries: Canada appx 40%, USA 30%, Israel 9%. (I’m crazy about you Americans)
- Lovers of the written word: about 28% (visit length of over 1 min to 5 minutes)
- Posts: 101

Raw numbers: (unfiltered, incl bots, feeds, 1 second visits etc)
Visits 3719, Hits 73718, Files 26934,

I’m wet behind the ears in blogging (not the web mind you.)
I’ve only begun to explore other blogs, so I’ll be smacking in more links to the gems I find. (I have a few already, just need to get em in)

A big thank you to abbagav for my 1st link, my 0 links at technorati and 1.2 million rank (lol) was disheartening, thank the lord above that’s been cut down some, It was embarrassing a bit.

If you’re keen on going blog, this is the template I used to start: Toldjah’s blogging tips, this was very handy info though I’m guilty of not trackbacking enough at all.

Truthfully I don’t know enough blogs yet, and have mostly had time to post here, but the action that comes in from the few I did is clearly blog growth hormone.. One of my top visited posts was as a result of a trackback to Michelle Malkin’s blog.

Not getting much loving at all from google or engines, I have to investigate optimizing this..

That’s the tale of the tape
My poor best buds are sick & tired about hearing about my blog, but they’re now calling me the hashmonean on the phone, so it’s clearly worth it <– you can’t buy that kind of pleasure ; )

  • Congrats and keep up the good work. I think you’re going to do well.

  • Sid

    Mazal Tov! Good job!