Saudis ridicule WTO with continual Israel Boycott

International Organizations, Nations can’t stop pandering to Islamic intolerance.

Back in December I was somewhat bewildered when I read about the Saudis’ keen attempts to enter the WTO, the International federation dedicated to the rules, consensus and resolution of trade between nations (149 member States).

It seemed somewhat absurd to me that Saudi Arabia would be greeted to this organization in light of the fact that they openly espouse trade with Israel, a WTO Member State, or companies doing business in Israel. Such a position is pretty much contrary to the very essence of what the WTO is, yet here they were on the WTO doorstep.

As the story developed it became clear that the Saudis in order to smooth their acceptance had agreed not to make an issue of Israel & trade, the result was..

WTO General Council successfully adopts Saudi Arabia’s terms of accession

The General Council formally concluded, on 11 November 2005, negotiations with Saudi Arabia on the terms of the country’s membership to the WTO.

The General Council Chair, Ambassador Amina Mohamed of Kenya, said “Members have taken not only a major step towards better international economic cooperation but they have also allowed the WTO to become more universal.” Director-General Pascal Lamy said that “Saudi Arabia is on its way to becoming the WTO’s 149th Member, paving the way for a stronger multilateral trading system.”

I was under the impression the Saudis were backing away in their own quiet way from the Israel boycott, and this was to be a step forward to bring this country frankly out of the dark ages where it currently dwells, socially, economically, and politically. The reporting at the time reinforced my view.

Didn’t take very long for the Saudis to begin their duplicity & mockery, 3 months.

Washington Times:
GENEVA — U.S. and Israeli officials are concerned that Saudi Arabia may be breaking the promise it made when it entered the World Trade Organization last year by hosting a meeting next week on the Arab economic boycott of Israel.

“I think this is a bit too much,” said Itzhak Levanon, Israel’s ambassador to the WTO, noting it has been only three months since Saudi Arabia was admitted to the organization on terms that require it to treat Israel like any other WTO member. [...]

We don’t do business with Israel & Jews / Zionists

Washington Times:
Liaison officers from regional offices responsible for coordinating the boycott of Israel are to meet in Jidda from March 13 to 15, according to a schedule posted on the official Web site of the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Salem el-Honi, high commissioner of the OIC office that runs the boycott, was quoted yesterday in the Jerusalem Post saying representatives of all 57 countries would attend the meeting “and we will discuss coordination among the various offices to strengthen the boycott.” 

Isn’t it time to stop the pandering!? 

The United States (Gd bless this great people) currently in its own uproar over the Dubai UAE port fiasco, has already put forward their own reluctance to deal economically with companies and countries boycotting Israel, both in popular sentiment and at the Congressional and Senate level.

It’s not really my place to comment on this issue which is well covered by intelligent American bloggers, but the spirit of their argument is clear, the boycott issue being just one of many facets in the UAE debate. (Sister Toldjah has all the angles, and check her related posts)

The Saudis shouldn’t be given a free pass

It’s enough, allowing these Oil States.. Which contribute very little to the World other than ideologies of hatred and decaying animal and plant life in the form of fossil fuels to continually flaunt morality, laws, common decency and security for peoples everywhere.

The US is taking up the WTO breach with the Saudis next week

I don’t imagine there will be much uproar in the WTO over this issue, the crisis only comes when Despots react to Israel, not when Israel is forced to react to Despots.. But it’s astounding to me that within 3 short months, the Saudis are already floundering on their INTL commitments.

I for one am tired of the continual mockery of our multilateral Organizations, and frankly it is becoming just as tiresome that only the United States of America has the will and the foresight to stand up for what’s right day in and out. When the Danes are subject to boycott you nary here a peep out of their so called friends and European allies, it’s a very sad state of affairs.

Today Danes, Jews and the USA.. But you’re next

Anyone who thinks this sort of appeasement is only Israel’s problem, or an American problem going forward is naive to the maximum, there’s no rational or logic to this Jihad against all things Western. The organizations in place like the UN, the WTO are totally useless, unwilling to stand up.

Pretty soon your country will also face irrational hatred, protests, burnings, boycotts and scorn. Who will come to your defense? Saudi Arabia? The UAE!?

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