Massive UAV ready for Israeli deployment?

Eitan is unmanned and the size of a small fighter

Developed by IAI and apparently based somewhat on the exhibited Heron UAV, Eitan is by UAV standards a colossus. 4 tons of unmanned aerial beauty!

Israel reportedly will unveil its biggest-ever unmanned aerial vehicle.
Jane’s Defence Weekly reported this week that Eitan, a UAV with a wing-span of 80 feet, will soon be formally introduced into Israel’s air force and navy. With an altitude ceiling of 50,000 feet, Eitan is intended for long-range reconnaissance and can carry weapons payloads of up to 3,960 pounds.

Israel is considered a world leader in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry.

Automated takeoff and landing.. Capable of high altitude long term recon in the air, and or attack, sounds like a winner!

4000 pounds is a lot of explosive punch..

That’s almost enough weight to carry the infamous American GBU-28 laser guided “Bunker Busters” so effectively used on hardened targets. Hmmm..
(I’ll try to stay on top of this beast, IAI is kicking serious ass lately)

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