Hamas: No Concessions, No Disarmament.

No Concessions‘Keep Moving’ interviewed on Jazeera & Al-Arabia TV:

Khaled Mash’al: “There will be no concessions. Some people believe that realism means making concessions. It doesn’t. Concessions were made in the past, with no results. On the contrary, making concessions is not realistic, because it means you are not acting in accordance with your people’s needs, or with the requirements entailed by the reality of the Palestinian people. [...]

Realism 101: He states no disarmament of Hamas, no transformation into a ‘political party’.. They are ready to resist Israel militarily, that Israel by all means should withdraw from all ’67 territories including Jerusalem, destroy all settlements, allow all Palestinians to return to Israel, take down the security fence, liberate all Palestinian lands, and then Hamas can be in a position to contemplate discussions, or ‘take steps’ as he puts it.

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  • Sid

    I told you Hamas wanted peace! :)