Elections 2006 | Globes poll shows Kadima now seriously bleeding

Smaller parties picking up the slack, poll shows huge 20% undecided swing vote.

Globes has some interesting numbers, according to this sweep that’s another 2 seats. Which if it jives with other polls to be released would mean Kadima has been steadilly losing two seats a week, with over two weeks yet left in this election. The undecided numbers in this globes polls are also quite large..

The decline in support for the Kadima party is continuing, and this week it is seen winning 34-35 Knesset seats, according to the latest “Globes”-Smith survey conducted by Rafi Smith.

Another figure that ought to worry Kadima’s leaders is a significant rise in the number of floating voters, to 20%. In effect, a fifth of the electorate has not yet decided who to vote for. The undecided vote is expected to decide the fate of Israel’s political system for the next few years.

Olmert and Kadima were pretty wobbly on a Hamas stance until this week, and clearly no strategy is formed, the endless Qassam attacks are frankly becoming obscene. Now that Kadima is declaring openly intentions to proceed on more disengagement, I think this slide will continue.

You can’t disengage now.. It’s crazy talk, I’d argue now you need to ENGAGE.

Hamas & Terrorists to be specific, and not in dialog either. Talking disengagement while there are still Gaza disengagement families in need of homes is absurd. Disengage and what? Hand Judean territory to Hamas!? Ridicolous, hand them a frickin grenade.. with the pin pulled.