Hashmonean High Five #4

They film it, I caption it. 

Abu ‘No Can Du’ Mazen / Abbas
(Photo AP: March 7th)

Abu Mazen 'Lovin life!'
#5: ‘My Hamas is killing me’
#4: Ok, World Bank 49 Million, EU 143 Million.. This is crazyness, how can I be expected to do absolutely nothing with only hundreds of millions of dollars!?
#3: They’re targeting me again with the ‘Advanced Zionist brain wave’ weapons.. Call kofi, we need a UN session fast!
#2: Hmm.. I know I put that Road Map somewhere around here..
#1: The PA is out of toilet paper.. again.

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  • I like #4, very good (they’re all good but that one tickled me).

  • Sid

    #6 – Maybe if I hide the F-16 missile won’t see me!