French to Nuke Libya – OK Muammar, just sign here.

France whoring itself out.. again.


It’s hard to go a single day without seeing the French jamming their nuclear tongue into some despots mouth! I guess they figure that Iran is ‘too hot’ right now for continued nuclear sales, the ‘reformed civilian airline blowing’ leader in Libya is a ‘safer’ place to set up shop.

All Clean! 

HEY! It’s been AT LEAST a few weeks since Libya swore off terrorism, they deserve Nuclear energy for peaceful use I say. I knew we could count on Chirac to deliver the goods..

Haaretz via Reuters:
France will sign a pact with Libya in the next two to three weeks to help develop the North African country’s civilian nuclear energy program, a top French legislator said Sunday on his return from Tripoli.

“An agreement on cooperation in civilian nuclear power will be signed the next two to three weeks,” Patrick Ollier, president of the French National Assembly’s economic affairs committee, told Reuters.

“The governments have already given their approval.” [...]

Hey Jacques! Let’s save Libya the trouble, can we bury these reactors from the get go?

I hear the Russians have underground ‘facility building tech’ for sale, dirt cheap!!
Special Offer: Buy 2, get a SAM installation free!

* Kit comes complete with all Russian serial numbers removed, installation charges may apply.. *

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