Elections 2006 | Olmert: Abbas endorsement not very handy..

Abu MazenOlmert, not too pleased by having Abbas quoted as saying he endorses Kadima.

Likud & labor both react:
Likud: You see we told you so
Labor: Jilted Lovers..

It’s ok No can Du, you can endorse me! I’ll be sure to represent the Palestinian people as unfairly as possible, just like Yasser!!!

JPOST on the matter:

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed concern on Wednesday that remarks made by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas would harm him politically.

In an interview published in the Italian media, Abbas said that Olmert’s victory would be a positive outcome for the March 28 national balloting.

Olmert told The Jerusalem Post that Abbas’s statements could distance right-wing supporters from Kadima. [...]

Abbas, who spoke with the paper, promised: “We’ll respect the will of the Israeli people.” He added, “I hope Olmert wins.” [...]

The Labor Party expressed great disappointment following Abbas’s interview. They claimed that by meeting the Palestinian chairman last week, party Chairman Amir Peretz effectively ended Israel’s isolation of the Palestinian Authority. “Is this what we get in return?” a senior Labor official asked.

The Likud also issued a statement responding to Abbas’s remarks: “Even Abbas, who is cooperating with the formation of a Hamas government, understands that Ehud Olmert will make the most concessions to the Palestinians without asking for anything in return. Even Abbas understands that Kadima is to the left of Meretz.”

Ynet let’s it rip with this classic..

Labor: Abbas screwed us over

Labor party furious after Palestinian leader Abbas endorses Kadima’s Ehud Olmert in interview with Italian newspaper; Likud: Even Abbas realizes Kadima more leftist than Labor [...]

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