Canadians: Featuring a more ‘progressive minded Jihadist’

Melanie Philips dissects this lovely strategy piece by 3 ‘moderate’ Canadians, calling for the end of the Jewish state..

A re-focusing of Palestinian ‘activism’ not on the territories and Oslo for a just Palestinian State, but on the right of return and destruction of Israel. The so called ‘Apartheid State’ is a big seller on propaganda shelves everywhere..

A call for renewed ‘Smear Jihad’ from “Muslim Wakeup!”

[...] Palestinians across the globe remain united behind a full return to historic Palestine. Central to the dynamics of the coming period will be what happens to these broader Palestinian national structures and the possible reinvigoration of the right of return movement. [...]

Adam Hanieh, Hazem Jamjoum, and Rafeef Ziadah are active in a variety of groups in Toronto, Canada, including Al Awda (Toronto), Sumoud Political Prisoners Group, the Arab Students Collective (University of Toronto), and the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid.

Bush is Hitler, Israel is South Africa..
so who gets to play the role of the ‘Oppressed’ Palestinian living in Beirut? You know, the one who has never┬áset foot in Palestine.. but should have the right to dismantle the ‘Apartheid State of Israel’ schlock we’re selling!?

Directors Notes: Casting.. Rachel Corrie type.
Can we get a Liberal, white, Anglo brainwashed Peace Activist here for effect?
Rachel Corrie

Cameras Rolling:
Ok everybody together now, “End Apartheid! Free South Afr.. Er Palestine!”

I understand more clearly now, the progressive Muslims I take it just want to ‘smear’ Israel off the map, it’s only the radical Muslims that call for the actual ‘wiping’ of Israel from the map..

Phew, boy I’m glad I live in Progressive Canada, this kind of frank open dialog with fellow Canadian Arabs is forging the path to peace I tell you. Unfortunately, I’m not so progressive or moderate in my strategies of preventing a one State Solution that eliminates Israel..

IDF Apaches in formation (IAF)
Meet the IDF’s AH64a – Very effective, requires almost no typing whatsoever, enhanced capabilities when utilized in groups. Cuts through propaganda like butta!

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