Mofaz says the ‘Magic Words’

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It has been picking at me since early January, the scratch started to become unbearable after the PA elections when Hamas won. Like everyone else, I was wondering how such disaster could be handled now that the General was in hospital, unable to lead.

It didn’t help that Olmert has been sheltered up in election mode, wrangled to no end by advisors living their election dream. For a very long time the magic words should have been said. Their meaning is clear to all, but until one says them, puts them out there so to speak, the spell is useless.

Mofaz knows how to marginalize Hamas.. by neutering them.

From YNET via AP:

Defense minister tells Army Radio ‘no one will be immune, not just Ismail Haniyeh’

Defense minister Shaul Mofaz said Tuesday that Hamas’ prime minister-designate Ismail Haniyeh is not immune from an Israeli targeted killing.  

Mofaz told Israel’s Army Radio that Israel’s policy of pinpointed killings has proven to be effective, and will continue.
“There is no question about its efficacy,” Mofaz said. “Look what happened to Hamas in the years it conducted an untrammeled suicide bombing war against us. When we started the targeted killings, the situation changed.” 

“We will continue the targeted killings at this pace,” he added. “No one will be immune.” [...]

Asked if Hamas’ prime minister-designate would be a target if Hamas were to resume its attacks on Israel, Mofaz responded:

“If Hamas, a terror organization that doesn’t recognize agreements with us and isn’t willing to renounce violence, presents us with the challenge of having to confront a terror organization, then no one there will be immune. Not just Ismail Haniyeh. No one will be immune.”

There’s little denying the reality, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Islamists, their ideology responds to only one thing.

Overwhelming force.

The leaders, the preachers, the angels of death that send the martyrs out to commit crimes against humanity have no qualms whatsoever.. Until, the target is pointed right at their head. Then they think twice.

Mr. Mofaz points out, this is not conjecture or theory, but applied reality. The UN, the Quartet, this multilateral dream that has not once yet managed to successfully accomplish a single thing, let alone conjure up solutions, is not going to reign in Hamas. All it takes is a little Magic.

Elder of Ziyon has a good bit on the Morality of the IDF.

Important information in light of the unfortunate loss of innocents in yesterday’s IAF strike in Gaza. Anyone suggesting that Israel is callous in resorting to force as needed, is simply barking up the wrong tree.

Commander in Chief of the Israel Air Force, Maj. Gen. Eliezer Shakedi, said Tuesday that the Air Force has been successful in reducing the number of civilian deaths in targeted killing operations, stating that in 2005 one civilian was killed in every 28 attacks, as opposed to 2003, when a civilian was killed once in every 12 IAF targeted killing operation.

Check it out in full

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