Terror Roundup: IDF smashing Islamic Jihad

YNET: 5 killed in GAZA strike today

Sadly two young Palestinians were killed in the blast.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz later said “Israel will reach anyone trying to hurt citizens of the country.” The minister instructed the defense establishment to operate against the entire Qassam rocket chain, ranging from those planning the attacks to those carrying them out.


The IDF said Abu Sukar was involved in the placement of explosive devices and directed the firing of Qassam rockets at Israeli targets. In recent days Palestinians boosted their rocket attacks, with the army noting security authorities are continuing to act against the Qassam fire, including through the use of assassinations.

Islamic Jihad in sights

Military sources said Israel will strike at terrorists whenever the opportunity arises, whether the terrorist in question is on his way to launching an attack or is planning one. [...]

I’m all for the IDF in subduing Islamic Jihad like they did Hamas by removing even leaders, there will be no respite for Terrorists surely. When does the PA begin to meet its obligations is what I’m wondering? Is it before or after the so called Abbas coup d’etat by Hamas?

Democratic growing pains..

We’re still in the interim or care-taker government, of the actual interim PA Government, to be replaced by the newly elected Hamas PA Government, which I gather will govern for the.. wait for it now, interim?

I hope Olmert is prepared to take some pressure so the IDF can do its task, and restore some deterent to Qassam launching. Here’s the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on recent policy advisories by PM Olmert, it covers his impressive statement on Terrorism.

IDF effective in Northern Glory

From the IDF..

During the night IDF forces arrested 7 wanted terrorists in the West Bank. 2 Hamas terrorists in Bethlehem, a wanted Palestinian in the village of Silat Adh-Dhahr, northwest of Nablus, and 4 Tanzim operatives in the village of Beit Rima, west of Ramallah. An M-16 assault rifle was uncovered during this arrest. The seven men were taken for questioning by security forces.

Following the launching of Qassam rockets at Israel earlier today, the IDF is responding with artillery fire at open areas in the northern Gaza Strip from which Palestinians launched the rockets