Hamas fallout: Putin gambled with Olmert’s cash, and Israel lost

My frustration is mounting, I’m wondering if Israelis must be looking around in a shocked daze at the spiral of incompetence their Government is waving around as so called policy. 

Yesterday, Olmert finally came clean. For nearly two weeks he’s been talking all sorts of diplomatic mumbo jumbo, evasively avoiding his duties as PM.

Russia has Israel’s best interests at heart, Putin would never harm Israel, Israeli Russian relations are fine..

One statement after another by Kadima party spin doctors, and Israel’s Foreign Ministry, diminishing the Russian overtures to Hamas. By the same token, despite the fact that it was evident to all with very little brainpower invested that Russia’s Hamas meeting was an opening of the door to legitimization of a Terror Group, Israel’s Govt simply continued to vacillate, unable to come up with anything remotely resembling a coherent strategy to deal with this issue.

In return, Putin himself I gather pledged not to meet with Hamas.. Just allowed his most senior Govt representatives and more Russian journalists than ever assembled at once; to elevate Hamas to International prestige.

Olmert spoke to Putin by phone while Hamas was eating caviar in the Kremlin..

Haaretz: [...] Olmert said it was a “mistake” to invite Hamas leaders for talks before the group changes its policies and accepts the basic international demands of recognition of Israel and renunciation of violence.

According to a statement from Olmert’s office, the two leaders talked on the telephone for 40 minutes. Putin called to fill Olmert in on the talks, the statement said.

Putin said Russia’s policy is to negotiate with all side and press demands. He said negotiations are always held when the other side has difficult and dangerous positions.

The statement said Olmert disagreed strongly. “Russian contacts with Hamas simply discourage Hamas from making the changes demanded by the international community,” he said, according to the statement.

Putin’s big night at the Casino

Waging bets consisting entirely of Israel’s International Capital, Putin bet on a hand that would not lose. He’s now an Anti-Imperialist hero, the one to bring the dam down against Hamas isolation. Sure the Terror group never came close to meeting any of the Quartet calls laid out before them, but that’s Israel’s loss, not Putin’s.

Russia saw an Israeli Government beset by weakness and inaction, clearly dazed in shell shock and capitalized on it.. Expending zero from Russia’s perspective. Olmert wakes up today with his statement too little too late, his wallet a little lighter, and the State of Israel worse off.

The result?
Kadima so back on their own heels that FM Livni briefing Israel’s cabinet today stuck her head deep in the sand..

JPOST: [...] Israeli Foreign Ministry officials said that they did not know of any indirect contacts between European governments and Hamas.

One ministry official said that Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni heard a united view last week during her visit to Vienna, Paris and London that the Europeans would not continue to fund the PA after Hamas formed a government unless it recognized Israel, disavowed violence, and accepted previous agreements between Israel and the PA. [...]

Following the committee meeting, MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union- National Religious Party) said that Livni’s briefing proved that “Israel has no clear foreign policy regarding the Palestinians and Hamas.”  

Now Kadima is waging a battle not against Hamas incitement, but what it is terming Likud incitement..

Not very flattering.. But if the hat fits, wear it.Olmert, victim of ‘vicious’ Photoshop terror attack;
wearing Hamas hat at pro Likud website

Ynet: Sources in Kadima said they are angered by what they characterized as incitement against the acting PM, adding that the website has hosted Likud ministers and Knesset members.

(Photo: Likudnik Website)

No Evidence of Europeans wavering on Quartet Hamas principles..

Chirac opposes sanctions on Hamas

France is opposed to imposing sanctions on a Palestinian government formed by Hamas, President Jacques Chirac said Monday.

Speaking to reporters on the final day of his visit to Saudi Arabia, Chirac said he was aware of the calls for cutting off aid to a Palestinian Authority led by Hamas, owing to the group’s refusal to recognize Israel and renounce violence.

“I am hostile to sanctions in general, and in this case in particular, because I do not see why we would impose sanctions whose consequences would in reality be borne mainly by the Palestinian people,” Chirac said. [...]

There was no evidence Russia meeting Hamas would harm Israel’s foreign policy initiative to isolate Terrorists, until of course after it happened.

No evidence the Quartet position was in any jeopardy
and now no evidence of EU countries lassitude on funding Hamas.

There’s mountains of evidence, the only thing not entirely evident is if Israel’s Foreign Ministry is even looking!?

The priority it seems is ensuring a Hamas Government doesn’t form until after Israeli elections, to cushion any possible electoral blow to Kadima, brilliant.. As if Israel’s electorate is unaware that Hamas will be forming Hamastan within their borders!

This is an International strategy of tying Israel’s hands

Kadima like a lovelorn fool is nodding its head in agreement while smiling like an idiot. The Israelis apparently have actually begun to believe that they can get a fair shake Internationally, that the UN, or Quartet will stick to doing what is right, or dictated by International laws, that EU countries will swear off a Hamas PA because they murder Jews.. Wow, I know Israelis want to be loved but talk about naivete.

Surely the endless International distinction between Terrorism in Israel, and Terrorism ANYWHERE else is not lost on the people of Israel, not after 5 years of being treated like expendable citizens!?

How’s that hat fitting Ehud?

I’m rooting for Kadima, I thought the domestic policies would secure Israel, but if weakness is Kadima’s idea of good foreign policy, the Govt forming in polls will be a disaster to the State of Israel.

Laughing at IsraelSharon perhaps would have taken Mashal out now, before he convenes his new Govt, and then released this statement:

We didn’t hear what we were hoping for from Hamas in Russia.. Hopefully now a more moderate voice will be heard, if not Israel as always will keep trying to find a path to peace.


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