IDF Arrow can reach Bull’s-Eye

This interesting Jpost interview with a Senior IDF officer states that the Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile is now successfully upgraded to intercept Shahab-3 Iranian Missiles, armed with both conventional and non conventional loads..

 “There is constant pressure to always stay a step ahead of our adversaries. They developed decoys on their missiles and we developed ways to detect the decoys and to be able to accurately strike the incoming threat.”

Iranian Genius.. Foiled again.Israel on the new Cold War cutting edge

The Arrow as a first line of defense against an incoming Missile attack is backed up by Israel’s Dolphin Class submarines. These conventional non nuclear powered subs have been modified to allow them to launch cruise missiles with “special payloads”. Lurking in the depths, should a maniac decide to attempt to bring or befall a disaster on the Jewish People and State, they are ready and able to launch a devastating second strike.

I’m wondering if Assmad is brushing up on his homework. Iran recently threatened to target Israel’s Nuclear Dimona reactor and research facility should they come under US or Israeli attack.

You don’t seem to have an Arrow2 Ballistic Missile Shield in Iran… Do you Assmad?

I didn’t think so.

There’s also some tidbits in the interview on Europe finally waking from its deep slumber, as they are now also coming in range of Iranian Missiles, which are on full speed ahead development towards an even longer ranged perhaps multi stage Shahab-4 Missile, thanks to North Korean, Pakistani, and Russian proliferation of technology.

With Iran racing to space, how long will it be before their Missiles themselves become space based, and hence Intercontinental? If unchecked they will threaten the entire World with Nuclear Blackmail.. or worse.

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